• Transgender Golfer Lana Lawless Sues LPGA For Right To Golf

    October 14, 2010 5:47 am 7 comments
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    As if it wasn’t bad enough that we already let people like Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods mar our good game of golf with their bizaree darkness, we now see this fine sport is becoming the battlegrounds for the ever present gay agenda.

    There is a golfer named Lana Lawless. He is a genetic transgender, that is, a secret man who veils as a woman.

    Lawless wants to play golf with girls, since men have bigger muscles and can naturally play sports far better than women.

    The greatest cheater of all time is Satan. He cheers for people to cheat on their marriages and their country. Why do you think he is so proud of us for letting people like Tiger Woods and Obama be ‘respected leaders”?

    It is because he is evil. So is chearting on your wife, Tiger Woods. So is telling lies and selling out America to Soviet terror alliances, Obama.

    Lawless at least has a proper last name. Gays hate laws because it makes them guilty for doing things they enjoy like snatching children, spreading their agenda to marriage and trying to cheat at sports.

    It is all horrible and I will write the PGA to tell them that golf has taken enough punishemnt. It is time for it to becaome a moral sport once more and whoever can’t just be normal and play, they need to get out of our sport and go back to lesbian sports like WNBA or shooting craps dice at the pool table club, where Tiger Woods feels write at home.

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