• True Tolerance Means Stopping Homosexuality

    October 3, 2010 7:59 am 9 comments
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    Homosexuality is one of the greatest threats to America.

    Even as you sleep, individuals who classify themselves as ‘gay’ are lobbying Capital Hill, trying to find a way to force America to accept homosexual lifestyles as a cultural norm.

    These gay people attack our children with unwanted thoughts, despite the viewpoints of parents.

    Gays seek to force our children to accept homosexuality, despite our outlook on life or belief that marriage should only exist between man and woman.

    These actions show the growing intolerance of homosexuals and their relentless endeavor to strip our rights to boycott them and ensure they never have the ‘right’ to marry. It is not a natural right to homosexuals, for a gay mindset is not an inherent part of nature.


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