• Aunt Jemima Obama Tries To Look Pure

    November 9, 2010 8:54 am 8 comments
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    What a crock, we see that after us showing how Michelle Obama:

    Michelle Obama Caught in Lesbian Acts
    Michelle Obama Robs $375,000

    to just start it off.  We’ve done so many more exposes.  The time Michelle Obama laughed at homeless people by wearing 500 shoes.

    Who out there can forget when she dared touch the Queen of England with hands of dirty darkness?  Or the flussy dress she wore to her prom, only rivaled by the daisy’s dukes hooker shorts she played with her daughters while teaching them to gyrate in hula hoops.

    Michelle Obama enjoys wearing sleeveless dresses and exposing her body.  Sure, it may be cosure on National Geographic but there is a certain decorum expected of the First Lady of AMERICA.  It is not Africa!

    So the day after we catch the Obamas doing harem dances with children in India, we see a new Michelle.  What a shock!

    we see she goes on a campaign to make herself not look like a nickolodean ham hooker.

    Here we see Jezebel Michelle try to make us think “Puritan” when we look at her. Hopefully she knows that the Puritans would have painted a giant H on her for Hore of Babylon! Hookerhore!

    We are not fooled!  Obama is a terrorist and Michelle Obama likes the nightlife, where she thinks the cover of darkness will let herself and her sins go invisible.

    Hopefully she knows that God’s sin detector is armed with infrared night vision and the recorders are always turned on!  When the evidence is revealed, she will be judged guilty and then Satan will have a great time lapping her chocolate chipped sincakes off the hot griddles of hell and dousing them in a lava filled torrent of Mrs. Butterworths!

    We are not fulled by your Puritan getup, NoBama!

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