• Barack Obama, Democrats Attacking Conservative Web News Site Servers

    November 2, 2010 3:56 pm Comments Off on Barack Obama, Democrats Attacking Conservative Web News Site Servers
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  • The Democrats are in trouble.  All across the nation, Americans are rushing to their polling offices in order to vote for their Republican candidates.

    Just as millions of Americans eagerly gathered to support Glenn Beck’s “Restore Honor To America” rally in DC, on the hallowed ground where another great American Martin Luther King Jr. had A Dream only 30 years ago, today we find millions more are still living the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King.

    Americans are tired of the nightmare spawned by the lies and scary reality being molded by the likes of Pelosi and her Congressional minions.

    Every night, Americans must go to sleep knowing that Iran is a step closer to being a nuclear power. The Chinese Empire is on the rise, and with one fell swoop of a pen can become the world’s mightiest economy and power by forcing Taiwan to unify.

    Our economy is in shambles. The Soviet-Russian conglomerate grows in power, while the Euro makes a mockery of the once proud US dollar. Yet, our Congress is clueless. Our president, spineless and bowing before the whimsical desires of the Axis of Evil and European Union.

    Yet, in the face of all this, we rise. America rose today, to vote the Democrats out of office. We will rise again in 2012, to get the most dangerous president to ever sit in the White House a first class ticket out of DC and back to obscurity in Chicago, where he belongs.

    Obama and the Democrats will not go down without a fight. Today, numerous moral and fair news organizations are reporting ‘outages’ to their web sites, the source of information for millions of Americans.

    Even our blessed servers at ChristWire suffer due to Obama’s secret agenda to cripple our news engines, so that we cannot get a message of fair assessment and report about this election to the masses.

    Obama wants only biased news to come forward. Much like propaganda artists Joseph Goebbels and Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Obama wants to hamper all truth. He wants to mold a false reality of fear and subjugation, so the Democrats can hold onto their waning power and influence over the concerned people of our great nation.

    Let us pray for this…Satanic, attack our our electronic htmls and 404s be relieved by the power of God. Let us pray that Obama’s dark tactic of using curses and Russian methods of crippling the coding infrastructure behind our community and others comes to an end.

    Obama holds great power. He can do these things for he is the President of the world’s premier nation. Obama uses his power to subjugate the people, so he can deliver our power in a wrapped stimulus package to his overlords in Europe and Muslim oil palaces.

    We must overcome all these things and press forward, not just for ourselves. Not just for our future children. But for humanity itself.

    The hour of darkness is still upon us, but a new day lies just over the horizon. Do not be dismayed. Even though we cannot get the news to you efficiently as we battle Obama’s supercoders of destruction, rest assured there is no stopping the will of America.

    There is no stopping the hearts and minds of the American people.

    And there is no way to strike away our liberty to vote for what’s right. Our forefathers voted for it. We live it and breath it.

    Justice to American and a vote for the bright, right future for humanity. It is in your hands.

    Go to the polls and continue to vote. Today is the dawn of a new day. A new hope.

    A new America, where once again, prosperity and morality are at the fore, and the Democrat menace, thrown out of our nation’s capitol doors.

    – Pastor Jack Gould

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