• Barack Obama Releases Book “Of Thee I Sing, Letters To My Daughter”

    November 15, 2010 9:09 pm 12 comments
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  • This week, Barack Hussein Obama released a book in which to indoctrinate our nation’s youth with his poisonous propaganda. He titled this book “Of Thee I Sing” and promised parents the book will feature great Americans he would like his daughters to be like, when they grow up.

    Sweet and innocent enough, correct? Surely, we can buy a book from the President of the United States of America and expect it to be great for our children.

    Wrong, wrong.

    Let us look at some of the list of people Obama wants our children to sing about.

    1. Cesar Chavez

    Cesar Chavez was not even an American. The only time he came to our country was to attack innocent people and he even killed him some Americans.

    Chavez was a communist revolutionary who often was referred to as ‘el bueno Che Guerrera” or in Mexican as it means The Good Warrior. Chavez was an enemy of many nations and supported the ideals of communist China and was friends Fidel Castro, a chief enemy of America who lives in an illegal country.

    Why would Obama want his daughters to be like this ‘man’? Is it because Obama supports the idea that all capitalist nations should be destroyed, by the use of military wars and terror?

    These are the beliefs of Che Chavez. He was a warrior against America who raised an army of South and Central American mercenaries.

    Chavez planned on using these mercenaries to travel north and defeat each and every nation in its path.

    Guevarra’s 1952 war map, created with the help of betrayerAlberto Granado. The red arrows correspond to military line travel Castro, el “Guerrera” Chavez and Granado planned to use in their amassing of an army for a US attack.

    As we can see in his war maps, Chavez and Castro, along with a weapon’s specialist and traitor Alberto Granado planned a ‘Stampede del Desrompio” which means The Wrecking March. They would recruit as many South Americans as possible and then March them through Texas, wiping out as many Americans as possible.

    Obama cheers and champions a person who started wars in 3 different countries and planted the seeds of dissent in many others.

    In the map above, you see where The Guerrera terror traveled and tried to inspire nations to go into Civil War. The chaos of Africa, genocides and all, are all in part to blame on Obama’s hero.

    Cesar Guerrera Chaves, as they call him Che, is no friend of America. He stood firmly against our nation and it is lucky that he was killed while trying to blow up a building full of innocent civilians in Bolivia.

    2. Sitting Bull Manifest Destiny. It is a beautiful concept. There is a song, called America, The Beautiful. It goes:

    O beautiful, for spacious skies, and amber waves of grain,
    And purple mountain majesties above the fruited plane,
    America, America,
    God shed his grace on thee,
    And crown thy good (Christians)
    with brotherhood,
    from sea to shining sea

    I had to take a moment after typing out those beautiful lyrics, because it touches the heart. How wonderful is it that God said for this land to be ours. It is our Manifest Destiny to be a full nation from sea to shining sea, so that we can bring freedom to mankind.

    Sadly, there were those who worked against the will of God. In our Declaration of Independence from the redcoats, it was proclaimed by our forefathers that our Creator, God, gave us an order to break the shackles and expand our nation by His will. You can read the Declaration here and notice that our God of the universe, of all humanity and nature of Earth, is called by name in our founding document.

    Obama hates the Declaration of Independence, because he’s Muslim. Muslims submit to a pagan deity known as ala. Even when they attack us during jihads, you will hear them yell ‘ala ala ala ala ala ala’ and that is just them saying the name of their false deity so they can have more hate brew in their hearts.

    Why would Obama want his daughters to support a terrorist who stood against America? Before the Muslims, America was afflicted with an ancient breed of terrorists, the Indians.

    The Indians were a thorn in the side of democracy from the get-go, using the cover of deep forest and brush to snipe our forefathers with primitive arrows and do horrible things to proper women and children. Savages was the word used to describe them, but it hardly does justice.

    There was one stubborn Indian named Sitting Bull. They named him such because he was stubborn and would charge until he saw the red of American blood.

    Sitting Bull gained prominence after Red Cloud’s War. Indians had been attacking and murdering American settlers in the north Missouri river valley for three years, and to appease, the US agreed to abandon several extant forts.

    The agreement reached a treaty point, all for one minor tribe leader: Sitting Bull. Enraged by the thought of making peace, Sitting bull raised an army of HunkPapa, Blackfood and Sioux forces, the likes of which the world had never seen.

    In 1876, one day Sitting Bull did a dark ritual and as detailed in the Utelles documentary:

    “‘Sitting Bull intoned, ‘The Great Spirit has given our enemies to us. We are to destroy them. We do not know who they are. They may be soldiers.’ Ice too observed, ‘No one then knew who the enemy were – of what tribe.’…They were soon to find out.'”

    It was not long after that that Sitting Buill, the Chief of Sioux Nation, and the rest of his army of now 10,000 Indians received word that there was a small band of American soldiers, camped at an outpost to ensure the safety of frontier civilian caravans.

    The leader of this small group, no larger than a few dozen, was a gentleman named General George Custer. Sitting Bull purportedly licked his chops and instructed his Indian warriors, “To arms, to arms! But leave no arms on them!” Sitting Bully meant this literally, as his warriors bludgeoned to the point that their arms and legs were separate from their bodies.

    What a gross tragedy. When America responded in force to the murder of one of her beloved generals, Sitting Bull fled like a coward into the lands of Saskatchewan. He only returned when the bitter cold of winter left his ‘band’ with fewer than 4,000 warriors.

    They surrendered to America and Sitting Bull never apologized.

    A South American murderer and warmonger. An Indian who scalloped settlers for fun and took out a potential future US president.

    These are the people Obama wants to celebrate?

    Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein. Never forget that fact. The Moors will always remain at war with the West, and the most fragile yet important front in our nation is the mind of our youth.

    Do not buy Obama’s danger book for children. It will poison their minds with communist idealogies and Indian cult rituals.

    Instead, why not buy a copy of Decision Points for your child. It is from President George W. Bush and will give them the proper guidance needed in life in general. It makes great bedtime discussion and you can summarize it for them if they are too young to appreciate the gift right now.

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