• Beware, Gays! – (Issue 1, Gays Use Comics/Anime)

    November 10, 2010 3:48 pm 34 comments
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    Today’s issue deals with the danger of comic books.

    It is common knowledge that comic books have been used to sell dangerous ideologies to our children:  drugs, violence, fornication and even the gay agenda.

    Every year, children as young as four and five year’s old purchase comics.  Most parents are not aware that there are comic books with perversions such as pornography and graphic violence within them.

    From Asia, there is even a new form of comic named “Anime”, which Japanese artists claim translates to ‘animation’, though a more thorough review show’s the usage is a minced oath and the real meaning is ‘hidden pornography’.

    Our children are being put in danger by comics.  This issue of Beware, Gays! reveals how homosexuals are using comic books to secretly enter their agenda into your home and the mind of your child.

    With so many dangers facing our children, we find countless comics from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and Image to be of the worst things you can let enter the hands of your child.

    As you read today’s story and present this alternative comic to your children, remind them the dangers of speaking to strangers and signs of if they are in a gay stranger danger.

    Earl Heiman – (dastardly devil gay 1)
    Lars Svenson – (dastardly devil gay 2)
    Little Johnny – (innocent boy child)
    Little Sally – (innocent girl child)
    Mom and Dad – (Sally and Johnny)

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