• Bizarre Police Stop, Cop Can Only Sit Back and Shake Head

    November 21, 2010 2:10 pm 1 comment
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    Jerry Cohen

    An officer responded to a possible DUI and pulled the driver of the vehicle over. When the driver stopped his car, instead of staying seated he decided to get out with hands held over his head. The problem? The driver forgot to put the car in park and for some reason put it in reverse.

    Realizing the error, the inebriated skullbrow then drunkenly leaps back into the car to stop catastrophe, but it was too late. His car had already slammed into the police cruiser.

    Instead of intervening, the officer just crossed his arms and let fate continue to play out. The drunk driver got behind the wheel again, and instead of simply placing his car in “Park”, proceeded to put it in drive and accidentally hit the gas pedal. This shot the car forward, into the gas station’s air dispenser for tire pressure.

    It was all caught on tape. The aristocrats.

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