• China, Russia Quit Dollar

    November 24, 2010 10:19 am 6 comments
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  • China and Russia have committed adultery against the US dollar. After a long, secret meeting, China Premier Wen Jiabao and Soviet Premier Vladmir Putin have announcted that their countries are doing away with the US dollar.

    Ever since World War II, the American dollar has been the lifeblood of the world. Its international dominance has brought an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity for Europe and even lesser continents such as Asia and Australia. Now, these Judas nations all betray the very dollar that brought them from the shambles of Nazi oppression and into a new age of industrial might, freedom and liberty.

    There is suspicion that China and Russia have long planned to subvert American leadership by finding ways to cripple our blessed economy. Russians have made it no secret that they have trained terrorists in military tactics and have given them arms.

    These are the very weapons terrorists use against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The terrorists of Russian alliance are the very ones who attacked America on 9/11.

    China has long teamed with US democrats who believe in a One World Government. Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim, is one of these Americans. Much like Bill Clinton, Obama has no problem with China having the most vital and secret of American nuclear technology. Much like Bill Clinton, Obama feels it is great that China continues to buy up our debt and our businesses. China is trying not a war of might against America, but rather an Economic War.

    This latest announcement of Russia and China is a declaration of war. After all the US dollar has done for these savage beasts, how could they dare announce they are walking away from the dollar. The US dollar saved Russia from starvation after communism failed in its pitiful, cold lands. China would be a teaming smear of Bubonic plague and burnt carcasses had America not brought freedom to the Japanese and quelled their bloodlust with atomic armaments provided by God-ordained knowledge and advancements.

    Still, after all this, China and Russia betray America. All of this only one week after North Korea declares it has nuclear weapons. All of this just days after Chavez calls even Obama a ‘snake charmer’ and says he refuses to sell the US any more of our oil in Venezuela. All of this, after only yesterday North Korea fired missles at South Korea, killing thousands and going into a stare of war, the first time since 1953.

    Make no mistakes, friends. This is another front by communists to take America. The Cold War is upon us again and we must strike out with the vigilance of McCarthy and the nuclear finger of President Harry Truman. We must wipe out our enemies, before they make us their victims.

    Russia and China have betrayed America, fine. But now it is time for us to ask God to unleash hell upon their sot soaked lands and also to bless our military as we strike down each and one of their hovel clusters masquerading as cities.

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