• Cougar Grandmothers, The Latest Sex Threat For Our College Sons

    November 20, 2010 1:30 pm 16 comments
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  • When one thinks of an elderly lady, thoughts of a gentle, kindly female with snow white hair pinned up and a warm smile are usually evoked. Old women should be stable and reassuring, blessed with a life of raising children and grandchildren, comforted by decades of marriage with a loving spouse.

    However, in today’s time, we find that now even old women cannot be trusted. They have fallen far off their ultimate motherhood status as ordained by nature and therefore God. These women have become the dirtiest vixens of Satanic screed, prowling about and offering their deceased husband’s lucrative 401k and retirement plans as bait for the dollar-deprived collegiate male youth.

    I’m talking about what’s called ‘cougars’ here. In the lead in for today’s piece, we see a woman who is still trying to entice young men while she stands at the horribly decrepit age of 72-years-old.

    Think of the horror. You are working your way through college, miles from home and resolute pride in striking out on your own holding you back from asking mother and father for help in this very tough Obama economy.

    Around every college, there lurks these ‘cougars’. They call them as such because they prowl and lurk, hunting out students who look the most vulnerable. Like an old jungle cat, they know not to go for young men who shine bright with a resolute fervor to decency and morality, but rather go for those weakened in countenance and weight. They go for the tawny young men who may be subsidized on a diet of Ramen noodles and late night fornication sessions in front of their computers.

    They have a look and scent the cougar can pick out. The cougars directly approach these young men, weakened by missing direct parental oversight and desperate for love and reassurance in the wrong places, and tell them ‘if you do nasty things to me, I will comfort you and give you money’.

    These cougars lure the boys with promises of bedroom antics with the risk of no children. These foul felines sink their claws deep into our boys and only temporarily release in the throes of dry and dusty ecstasy, whetting the boys’ minds with promises of more money and a warm, kept home in which to sleep.

    And without warning, our college sons who only wish to study and find fiscal success in life, are being turned into prostitutes.

    Statistics show that our sons are falling fast. Nationally, there is a whopping difference between the amount of women and young men in college: 60% female and only 40% men.

    When we see how young freshmen are being corrupted by vajazzled females and these gray cougars, it is no wonder we see this drastic change in collegiate demographics.

    Parents, remember, that we must teach our sons that behind closed doors, most women tend to be the daughters of Eve. They easily succumb to temptation and will be a harlot who will manipulate and scheme scenarios to no end, if anything to just have a taste of forbidden fruits that Satan himself dangles in front of their faces.

    No young man is safe and the cougars are on the prowl. If you don’t want your son to be a dollar prostitute, a lifestyle that will loosen him to do any sort of bizarre act you can imagine, warn him of these dangers. His life and his academic future will depend upon it.

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