• Deep Purple, Slade and Led Zeppelin Inspire the Soviets

    November 3, 2010 1:59 pm 7 comments
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    Russia is a death cult nation, stealthily gaining power and patiently waiting for the day they can meet with their Chinese community brethren to bring death and destruction to America.

    Such a ridiculous notion would seem wacky to most sane leaders of lesser nations, but Russian President Dmity Medvedev and Soviet Overlord Vladmir Putin have drug induced thoughts.

    These are people who think they have a chance to overcome our military. These are sick men who believe they can shelf every American in gulag without being drenched in drunken nuclear oblivion.

    Studies show that 78% of Russians are alcoholics, but this type of grandiose foolishness can only be the work of hearty drugs from the immoral 1960s: magic mint, ice, marijane cigarettes and even heroine. These are the things that fuel communist and socialist thoughts: look at any hippie commune or Democratic whine party today because they lost The House.

    The Russians are a drug cult. The entire nation stays warms during winter on the hallucinogenic drugs that fuel the ravenous thoughts of destruction and burning hatred of America that dance in their lsd-plummed minds.

    There will be liberals out there who say this is not true. They will say that political dealings with the Russians are not like going to your local black alley and trying to reason with a wide-nostril cocaine tough.

    Yet today, we see Russian media has released footage of their dictator warmly recalling his drug fueled communist college days, where he listened to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and even Slade. The sounds of these songs inspire drug use and communist songs. The proof:

    The history of the USSR!

    They burned people in gulags. They stood against America and built a wall in Germany,one that took the combined forces of 1980s American and the Vatican to tear down with prayer and America’s military might and ingenuity.

    There is no arguing facts. This is more proof why rock music is dangerous: it almost caused nuclear Armageddon and still keeps the Siberian death yetis warm with delusional thoughts of bathing in the arm blood of dead American men, then using all women and children of our nation as sprawled bed blankets at night.

    China and Russia are influenced by drugs; there is no reasoning with their minds. The only solution is one of permanence: keep our nukes primed and lined, and their influence out of our Christian nation.

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