• Glenn Beck Uncovers George Soros’ Nazi Past

    November 16, 2010 11:59 pm 12 comments
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    Glenn Beck is under attack again, but this time it’s not just the European funded liberal PACs who are attempting to assassinate Beck’s credibility.

    No, this time people like Matt Welch of Reason magazine and other traditional friends have joined the fray to silence Glenn Beck’s fiercely independent voice. As a professional courtesy to a fellow journalist I can no longer stand on the sidelines while Beck’s good name is dragged through the mud.

    What’s behind all this? Glenn Beck has decided to publicly expose a dirty little fact that multimillionaire George Soros has sent Jews to death camps and has collaborated with the Nazis on holocaust in myriad other ways.

    Glenn Beck in uniform

    The media are incredulous because it is very politically incorrect to accuse a Jew of being a Nazi collaborator. Beck is a proven friend of Israel. He has a moral capital and the strength of intellect to tell the unaltered truth to the American public.

    Why is it so strange that a Jew like Soros could betray his brethren? We could go as far back as the beginning of time and look at what Judas did. Alternately, we could just go down to Blockbuster and rent out any WWII movie to see that in each death camp there was a capo—the Jewish guy who’d pull gold teeth out of emaciated mouths and send Jews to gas chambers.

    George Soros isn’t just any Jew. He is a multimillionaire. He could have bribed the Nazis to send his business competitors to Auschwitz so he could amass even more wealth. In fact, he probably first got fascinated by world domination while studying Hitler at work.

    He is a dangerous man who has propped up communist regimes around the world. He has attempted a coup against President bush when our nation needed divinely inspired leadership the most. He has almost successfully brought the American economy to its knees through currency machinations. His ultimate goal is to create world chaos where he can use the United Nations to proclaim himself the leader of all nations.

    It sounds insane, but it is real. Beck should be lauded for exposing this Satanic plot, not ridiculed. We have allowed the liberal agenda to advance so far that any voice of dissent is squelched quicker than it can rise.

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