• Harry Potter and Hermione Kiss In Deathly Hollows, Topless

    November 20, 2010 2:26 pm 18 comments
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  • I am jumping up in down in anger right now! I can’ts type straight because my feet are stamping in brewed anger!

    Whores! Demons! I warned you all that this is what Harry Potter was all about! For years now, I have warned all you parents that Harry Potter is a whore factory movie, that brings children into the theater innocent and ships them out little prostitutes for Satan.

    You ignored the fact that the movie tried made it seem normal when a gay wizard Dumbledore invited Harry Potter to his home for nightime ‘magic wand studies’. The only thing that comes from that wand is sparkled Satan seed!

    Then, everyone played it off after ‘moaning Murtle’ made whore noises in a school bathroom. Then the Emma Hermione became a cat and fornicated with the red hair boy. Demon spells. Witch brooms at recess. Exposed flesh!

    The movie had it all and you parents still let your kids see it. The numbers don’t like! JK Tolkien is now a billionaire gay because of this movie. He laughts all the way to the bank with your dollars and Satan laughs all the way to bank of hell with the blood diamonds of your children’s soul, because that is all that awaits them in hell!

    No warning! There you have it. No warning! This is what the new Harry Potter is all about. Secret dark touches and milksacks.

    Liberals out there will try to lie and say I’m being too over the top, that no such things are available for the average 8 – 9 years-old-audience who want this movie but I have the proof!

    The movie was screened last night and I have the proof!

    The girl demon witch Hermione Grangers seductively pulls off her bolder holders on screen, and then, and then she exposes them. She exposes her milksplats and the jolly and splat all around in the eye of the audience for all to see.

    You have to see this, and then the wizard young Harry Potter appears to have a taste. She entices him with her lactose and Harry proves he is not intolerant. He embraces and takes his top of too and then they kiss!

    It is all a jumbled orgy of sin and witchcraft! MTV interviewed children who screened the movie and they are confused. Some left the theater crying while others were seen in their cars doing bizarre head bobs with their dates. Tolkien’s evil is setting in!

    Harry Potter has now officially showed a breatesd on screen and I am angered! You are angered! You children are now confused with thoughts of whores and their fading innocence.

    The boy Harry Potter did an interview and talked about how aggressive Emma Watson is and we just did a big expose on how Harry Potter turned Emma Watson into whoredevil.

    Harry Potter even admits that she forcefully grabbed him and made him to be overcome and secret parts ballooned up in sins. Hopefully all involved know that Satan loves to prick sinner with his giant needle, and laugh with delight as their souls flubbergush all every which way through the airs of hell, just like a released air balloon.

    I will continue to searched YouTube to find the offending video and document for parenting council.

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