• Housewives Create Lingerie Football League

    November 12, 2010 3:12 pm 2 comments
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  • Last week there was exclusive footage of how wives get jealous of football season.

    Look at this article which reveals a wife publically gyrating in a fit of sin, to supposedly inflate her husband and distract him from the big game.

    If you look closely, however, you will see she takes dollars from the crowd and shakes more wildly the more other guys cheer. Hmm.

    Women are fickle. The mother of them all, Eve, fornicated with Satan’s serpent scepter in the garden of Eden, therefore, we all must suffer.

    Now as if inspired by their little shaking friend in the video, a group of wives in Oklahoma have formed the lingerie football league. These women plan to play football in cold Oklahoma winters all for a quick buck and enticed eyes of men who are no their husbands.

    Look at the one in the image pretend to be a ‘quarterback’. Really, all that means to her is how fast she will expose her clenched thights and cheater milkduds to the next guy with an interested dollar or loose change!

    I am so angry and so is every other person who hates how women have no respect for football.

    Thankfully, the mayor of Oklahoma must be a devout Christian, because he is doing all in his power to block this league.

    We must not allow this to happen and if they try to forward this league, I propose everyone go to the field before the game and douse it with chemerie ice, so at least when they slide toward fateful injuries we can hear each one sizzle as they are instantly heated via sublimination upon the furnaces of hell.

    The Sun Sentinel has created gallery of these hell sizzle images. Demand wife and children leave the room before reviewing these in disgust and telling your colleagues of this offense.

    Lingerie Football League Gallery

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