• How Did Harry Potter Turn Emma Watson Into Whoredevil – 100 Pictures Evidence

    November 17, 2010 9:38 pm 253 comments
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  • Harry Potter is a demonic film. In it, there is a school called Hogwarts and it is appropriate, because that the exact type of STDs half of all children find on their twiddles and vajays after the movie causes them to do all sorts of bizarre sex acts.

    In these films, there is a gay wizard professor in the named Dumbledore and he has plans for all the children’s secret parts. While the script he used was able to cause Harry Potter to do a naked film where he bared and prodded himself with a horse, there is another child in the movie who represents what is happening to your daughter if you let her read and watch this dangerous series since she was very young.

    You see, gays love children. Children have backparts and their minds are malleable. Gays like that, because it gives them a chance to do their favorite thing, which is plunger the sewers of any human.

    Harry Potter is what happens to young boys who get too involved in the series. He let Dumbledore potter him alright and out grew the seeds of homosexuality, which caused him to do the sick naked film with the horse. The girl factor of this is Emma Watson.

    She was but an innocent girl, much like all girls who started out with Harry Potter movies and the evil author JK Tolkien. Emma Watson started out with the face of an angel, much like the pure Jackie Evancho or even a young mother Theresa. Such innocence and shining of Christ.

    But as time progresses, you can see the movie takes a dark hold upon this child. Her outfits grow sluttier. In the bust of her chests and busoms, you can see the blossomings of exposed sins.

    Then she cut her hair to look like a lesbian boy, making Dumbledore sashay in excitement and Satan to lick his chops. She has exposed her fertile place hair and entrance to cameras, and then milksacks offered for all to drink.

    In this image gallery, we will see the fall of America’s daughters. This is what you have allowed to come into your home if you let your girls watch this movie. Emma Watson is an every girl, and if your daughter is now also a lesbian and whore demon, you can only blame yourself for not protecting her much like Emma’s parents did not do.

    Let us look at the fall of innocence.WARNING: The following image media tears the heart apart and is not appropriate for all audiences. In the gallery, a young child’s innocence is ripped apart by Harry Potter and a gay wizard named Dumbledore, created by a homosexual man named JK Tolkien as means to exploit children. Demand any wife/children immediately leave the room before reviewing, especially in the latter part of this gallery.

    • 1. Sorcerer’s Stone Era

      Here, the child is still innocent.  Look at the bored look on her face.  Satan’s tricks bore her and she wants no part in this devil’s ritual, but her adult handlers wanted her in the movie so they could grow her into sexualized lust incarnate and use her body to sell this movie to teenagers.  Also, gays.  They like children.

    • 2.

      Here, innocence is still present.  In the eyes, however, you can see the sorrow.  She can feel her soul is in danger and yearns to reach out for help, but all there is a yelling director and a homosexual camera man in French leathers who is telling her to ‘work it work it’ even though she is but a child.

    • 3.

      The smile on her face is now fake and manufactured, much as the faces of North Korean women on Kim Jong-Il’s informational news reels.  You can tell the smile is robotic and she knows she will be prodded if she breaks character.  It is a corporate fear Disney smile that is now so common in Hollywood.  What are they doing to these children?

    • 4.

      Look under the eyes.  You can see dark circles, much like you see under the eyes of Arab women from all the stress of overbearing, abusive men in their society who blacken them with false teachings, fists and then stress.  It is sad and she may also have some anemia present due to the secret blood rituals that Harry Potter says all female children must do with adult men.

    • 5.

    • 6. Chamber of Secrets Era

      She sits not like a lady, yet is very comfortable.  Now we see, she is now also doing devil’s magic and has knowledge of how to mix periodic chemical elements at such a young female age.  This is not natural and you can still see the anemia sets in even more.  Legs are also exposed.

    • 7.

      Attitude hips of a black Vegas night street walker and colorful shirts.  The word “STAR” is suggestively placed and it is the start of sexualized marketing agenda.

    • 8.

    • 9.

      Her eyes suggest that her chamber of secrets may have already been sold out to the highest bidding producers and gays, and she could not tell anyone lest ‘pay the price’.  My heart reaches out to this child and it is sad that her holy doors at this point have been primed to be batter rammed by Satan himself.

    • 10.

    • 11.

    • 12. Prisoner of Azkaban Era

      She is doing magic with a scepter.  There is the experience of Satan’s scepter that came to fore at this point.  It is what Satan puts in the dreams of all boys and girls who watch this film.  They know of Satan scepters and here you can see the comfort of holding this black one.

    • 13.

      Not a proper dress for a child.

    • 14.

      This dress reveals shoulders.

    • 15.

    • 16.

      The v shape on this dress makes Satan lick his chops and rustle around like a hormonal boy who just got his date alone on prom night.  They both are looking to rob the “V” from your daughters and this is symbolic.  This dress is a reminder of what will happen and what Satan plans to do when he sees dresses that expose the body with v necked sin.

    • 17.

      There is a milkshake on the table, then underneath a bit of leg and leading up to the body’s milk dairy is also revealed.  This is all a suggestive subliminal photo and it is sad they are using this girl like this.

    • 18.

    • 19.

      I call this one field of nightmares.  The gays have a saying and they go ‘If there is grass on there then it is time to reveal the ***” and that last part is a phrase that matches the Democrats and starts with an A.  It is a bad word and the part the gays like to submerge their dereks.   That is why this is field of nightmares for the mammalian child who grows hair, if you get the drift.

    • 20.

    • 21.

    • 22. Goblet of Fire era

    • 23.

    • 24.

    • 25.

      You now know what Satan and boys think when they see the V neck parents.  Look at this dress’s neck and you know she’s been told to wear this to entice.

    • 26.

      One the bottom of this dress, you see two flowers.  Now follow the golden lines up to the one flower, and look at where that lands you.  Look.

      It is sad and I am so angry right now.  Satan plans to deflower all of our daughters and Harry Potter was one of his main weapons.

    • 27.

      After seeing this one, I had to go to the bathroom and all the oat bran I ate came right up.  I am sickened and wish I could take every single Harry Potter movie, book and merchandise and burn int, then put every single person involved in their production in the hottest parts of hell.

    • 28.

      Why does she look like Madonna on this one?  Not the Madonna of Christ, but rather the Madonna of 80s sins and leather pleated club beats.

    • 29. Order of the Phoenix era

    • 30.

      You can n0w see she is under the spell of comfortable sins.  The red carpet may as well be Satan lapping her up bits by bit.

    • 31.

    • 32.

    • 33.

      Notice her she does that leg thing with the right, to expose more flesh to the camera.  It is the thing you see the chief demon devils of them all like Madonna, Oliver Munn, Katie Perry, Paris Hilton and all of them.  They all look the same.

    • 34.

      Sintreats.  You see the literal sintreats on the bed in plate form, then in human form.  She is also wearing a hooker’s shoe.  This photograph has no telling what sort of ending off camera, but some sicko probably had sugar plumed delights before the day was over.

    • 35. Photoshoots are somewhere in this era…

      Sharon Stone did this exact same pose in ‘Fatal Attraction’ and the word fatal is key here, because that is what God is going to do to whoever is involved in taking this sorts of shots.  Anger!  Wrath!  Fire!

      Focus your film on that Hollywood!  There is a dark room where your negatives will burn in furnaces so hot, that even silver halides will evaporate!  The only f-stop you will want is ‘Fire-Stop’ but that never happens in hell, there is no f-stop and all you will be left with is screaming the blues of how you wish you could die!  But you won’t and the aperatures of hell only bring in more lava light!  Burn!

    • 36.

      Magical sins making souls dissapear to hell, since whenever Harry Potter was first released.  The hat says it all and so many kids will burn when they die, and you parents who let them involved in this movie that causes these girls to gap legs with glee until they get pregnant by the next thug in line are to blame.  Tip your hat to that you failures.

    • 37.

      Who out there can say this is proper?  Someone, anyone, I dare you!

      I dare you say this is appropriate for a children!  I dare you!

    • 38.

    • 39.

      Under the delicate ruffles of sin, burns a portal that will lead all to the fiery furnaces of hell.

    • 40.

    • 41.

    • 42.

    • 43.

    • 44.

    • 45.

    • 46.

      The thighs are now exposed and another Michelle Obama flussy born.  The hearts of angels break and tears flow upon the faces of cherubim. God hangs his head with sorrow because parents have allowed this to again happen.

    • 47.

    • 48.

    • 49.

    • 50.

    • 51.

    • 52.

    • 53.

    • 54.

      Here we see she borrows some of Harry Potter’s comfort horses, trained likely by the gays you see riding them in the derbies.

    • 55.

      Gay people like fecal sins, so naturally they dock backwards like when you see the dog mounting another dog or a cat docking at the park or zoo.  So they make her dress like this to fill all their bizarre fantasies and they think it is normal way to do things, when it is clear that there must be a man and wife, then the normal way is front to front and laying down with the wife under husband’s submission.  This image shows the deviance of a gay’s mind.

    • 56.

    • 57.

    • 58.

    • 59.

    • 60.

    • 61.

      Licking the mouth and tongue.  Then the thigh is exposed with bubble gum pink adorning the ‘lower wrapper’ above the knee.  THey want children to think the movie is like unwrapping bazooka gum and getting that first three seconds of good flavor, before all turns stale and you discard the gum to the waste basket.  They want us to forget that part though.

    • 62. Half Blood Prince Era

    • 63.

    • 64.

    • 65.

      Here we see the milksacks bare themselves for the first time.  Sad.

    • 66.

    • 67.

    • 68.

    • 69.

    • 70.

    • 71.

    • 72.

    • 73.

    • 74.

    • 75.

    • 76.

    • 77.

      She has no become emo with sin.  “Emo” is the brand of children sinners who like to play knife cults and Twilight vampires with each other, eating each other’s blood and then doing all sorts of other scary things and abortion orgies.

    • 78.

    • 79.

    • 80.

    • 81.

    • 82.

    • 83.

      Is this a drug induced state accompanies with a devil’s red dress.  Very symbolic and if you look closely in the mirror’s reflection, the face of Satan.

    • 84. Deathly Hallows era – Present

    • 85.

      You can see some of the Harry Potter cultists in this one.  Each one had a hand in her and creating the sin.  It is still unknown what all was in the ritual, but she had to cut her hair and look like a boy.

      Lesbians were involved and at some point, according to the movie producers Harry Potter and Emma Watson swapped body spirits and it is caught in the movie on film and presented as children to be normal.

    • 86.

    • 87.

    • 88.

      This one looks awkward in pose, as a boy who has never had much experience in a girl’s body.  So this could actually be Harry Potter after they did the devil soul ritual of lesbians to switch their genders for in the movie.

    • 89.

    • 90.

    • 91.

    • 92.

      Again, she looks like another exposed sinner Sharon Stone.  Stone is the approrpiate word here, for all in Harry Potter if it was only 1000 years ago and they tried to do this as a play, it is what would happen to them.  Hot lava stones and I would gladly help gather them up for humanity along with everyone else in town.

    • 93.

      Camera tricks help us see multiple poses of coifed underpanties sin.

    • 94.

    • 95.

    • 96.

      Here we see a poopy squat pose, which sends gays crazy like a cat getting a bag of catnip.  No coincidence here and it is marketing to make sure gays come see the latest Harry Potter alon with corrupted children.

    • 97.

    • 98.

    • 99.

    • 100.

      Black and white, just like sin.  You either live right or you do not.  If you live like blacks, you live in sin and fornication and find yourself burning to a black crisp in hell for all time.

      White, it represents pure and holy.  If you live life white and right you will be in heaven and find yourself in the hosts.

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