• Islam Releases Official Video Guide: “How To Beat Your Wife”

    November 10, 2010 9:54 pm 7 comments
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  • In Islamic nations, women have little to no rights.

    A woman in a Muslim country may be beaten to death that American women take for granted: driving a car, voting, going outside without a man, going outside without headwear and even speaking in public.

    In Muslim tradition, women can be beaten for anything a man deems necessary.

    This is scary and it is a shame that today, right after this video’s release, Michelle Obama was seen in Muslim headgear in a show of solidarity and support to these barbaric traditions.

    It is not okay to beat one’s wife. The Bible makes this point abundantly clear. It is not in good taste and representative of Muslim culture of violence.

    In true marriage, all things she be equal. When a woman does commit an error, she should be given a warning shot, a verbal “No” and if that does not work, a soft rebuke as you would give a precious child who needs guidance.

    If a child commits a wrong, perhaps sticking a hand into a fire, you would grab the hand, lightly rap it and say, “No, no, my child.”

    If a wife gets out of line, maybe overspending on the charge card on nonsense you go, “No, no, my child” and give her a small little whack on the swiping hand.

    The next time she is tempted to use it, she will remember the loving reminder and decline to make the transaction.

    This beautiful system of respect stands in sharp contrast to the stone her first, ask questions later habits of Islam.

    Look at this shocking video:


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