• Japanese Launch New Scary Girl Technology

    November 28, 2010 4:24 pm 14 comments
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  • The Japanese are a vile culture. Show of hands.

    Do any of you remember when they nuked Pearl Harbor? They just flew their planes over here, then rained bomb after bomb on our innocent sons and nurse daughters stationed on our beautiful, peaceful island of Hawaii.

    So many died that day and the Japanese laughed as they completed their blood oath with Adolph Hitler. They would have kept flying their death planes over the rest of America, but decided to turn around so they could torture our friends the Chinese some more.

    Have you ever heard of the Rape of Nanking (Nanking Massacre)?

    This little tidbit is just a taste of the horrors of Japan.

    We all know Japan is a scary culture.  Years ago, Pastor Jack wrote of one of his mission trips to Japan where they had penis festivals and other sick pagan ceremonies.

    Then we learned about their anime shrines and temples, which is scary because in Japanese — the word ‘anime’ is used for ‘pornography’ and they think it is okay for children to view these sick hentai (hidden) images and videos.

    Other than their bizarre game shows, the worst possible thing about Japan may be their advancements in robot and computer technology.

    After World War 2, America expressly forbid Germany and Japan to have any standing armies or amass weapons.  To get around this, the Japanese used their natural deviance to build items that can corrupt and subvert.

    Japanese plan to use ‘helper’ robots to take over and corrupt the heart of humanity, then use computer programs to fornicate the mind.

    We have done countless exposes on Japan’s terrifying robots, but what of the technology that runs these robots.  Where does it stand.

    Today as I investigated links sent to me by our dear readers, I came across the most horrifying.

    The Japanese are working on ‘tracker’ technology.  Look at this.  The Japanese have created human-like computer projections.

    You can see here they have created a Japanese woman who can look wherever you click your mouse arrow.  Her eyes follow and have the standard blank and soulless Asian stare.  There is no color to her pupils and it is dark and sinister!

    Beware, America.  Japan lurks and they will not hesitate to strike again, for no cause or reason.  Beware.

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