• Left Wing Liberal Media Conspiracy, Force Bristol Palin to Lose Dancing With The Stars

    November 24, 2010 10:00 am 1 comment
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  • The liberal media. The Book of Revelation warns of the great beast of many heads, and we can only assume one of those heads will be named CNN and the other MSNBC. The voice will testosterone bereft whine of Bill Maher’s and Keith Olbermann’s gay marriage love child!

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    The liberals are cheaters. They tried to cheat our President George W. Bush out of two elections. Somehow, they rigged it so that a Muslim from Indonesia could be an American president. Now, the unthinkable! They even mess with Reality TV!

    These evil whores of Satan have made death threats against none other than Bristol Palin, the wife of Christian mother and Governor Sarah Palin. These lowlifes were shocked to see that a Christian girl could dance better than a black prostitute and all the other gay men they have on there gyrating around.

    They think morality means being absent of rhythm, when the book of David makes it clear this is not the case. Bristol Palin was a sinchild. She gave birth to one, but repented by doing abstinence education for teenagers out there and still being a good at home mother for her child. Bristol Palin decided to try out Dancing with the Stars for fun, but little did she know the hatred and resolve of the liberal media.

    Left wingers felt that if Bristol Palin won DWTS, then her mother Sarah Palin would be even more a household name when she joins with Mike Huckabee as his vice secretary in 2012. Liberals feared if Bristol won, America’s heart would be filled with warmth for Bristol and forget about the pickanins Salia and Ja’masha Obama. So instead of voting fairly, instead they said if Bristol wins they’d do her proper.

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