• Muslim, The Religion of Peace

    November 5, 2010 5:16 am 9 comments
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    Why is it that America is always accused of being ‘xenophobic’ because we’re God’s people, when you look across the world and find that everyone is publically wishing death to us for being better?

    Look to the right. There you see a standard Muslim event called الرقص الإرهاب which roughly translates to “dance of terror death” in proper tongue.

    Look how they use the supplies Obama airdrops to them to bring a message of hate to our nation of peace. We extend the olive branches of freedom and democracy, and they burn it down with the foul scent of curried hate.

    Oh, it is all the same. Do not think India is so innocent, or Obama would not have to take 34 nuclear powered warships on his trip to India this week. India. Pakistan. Iran and Iraq. All the same. They worship bulah dabai and whoever else and it is all fake. Fake.

    They worship elephants. They do hibbi hibii like Pentecostals but instead of being all emotional and falling out in black mother fits and saying “Thank yous Jesus! Jesus!” with typical black eyed jubilance, instead all they have is fire in there eyes and an innate, unshakable desire to yell all sorts of indecipherable curses as they bomb us all to death.


    This is the future of the Axis of Evil. While our children are in college being responsible with studies so they can grow up and make the world a better place, these terrors are meeting up and finding new ways to plot against God’s nation: America.

    So the next time someone says “I, Muslim” with pride, don’t let them guilt trip you for judging these people guilty. They are, they have guilt.

    The picture is all the proof you need.

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