• North Korea Unveils Nuclear Arsenal

    November 21, 2010 3:29 pm 5 comments
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  • Nuclear North Korea

    Smug in dictator green and grey, Kim Jong-Il (far right, front row) and successor apparent Kim Jong-Un, (second from right, front row) pose amongst their military advisers, respectively. North Korea is a bona fide member of the Axis of Evil, a league of nations so foul and vile that they lack color in facial expression and have vowed to destroy any and every semblance of America. Unbeknown to US scientists until now, North Korea does have nuclear technology and plans to use this horrible weaponry to annihilate America, her people and all her allies –CW Global.

    North Korea, a cold-hearted nation without a sense of God and purpose. The country’s citizens all live under the brutal, iron-clad boots of the most eccentric, yet spiritually inept, ruling family and dictator family the world has ever seen: The Kim Dynasty.

    The current leader, Kim Jong Il, is a miserable, menacing man whose heart is far out of touch with reality or compassion. Il’s taste for chic olive-green pantsuits is only outmatched by his insatiable taste to bathe in the tears of the innocence, the tortured screams of the pure and the crimson blood of America.

    With military machinations fueled by Hollywood itself, Kim Jong-Il is known to get his ideas for doomsday scenarios and military styling from the best of Hollywood movies. Kim’s favorite theme: nuclear Armageddon.

    For years now, American pastors have been whispered North Korean military secrets by the angels of heaven itself. North Korea is one in the same with China, the Red Dragon Beast of Revelation, it is in our nation’s primary manual for life. President George W. Bush was told by God of North Korea’s service unto our Satanic enemies; he could feel it in his heart and mind, and in his enteric spiritual gut.

    Today, however, the slate of North Korea’s sheer villainy and evil has been written in official empirical record as well.

    Yongbyon nuclear complex in North Korea

    DigitalGlobe / AP
    A new nuclear processing plant has been built at North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear complex. The image at left shows part of the complex in September 2008; the other, taken two months ago, shows new construction there.

    In these new photographs, military officials find that North Korea has an advanced nuclear power plant.

    Only months ago, military personnel were baffled by sophisticated missile delivery systems North Korea fired over the US territories of Japan. Now we find that North Korea’s sophistication in the fine production of nuclear grade material is upon us. And even more alarming, North Korea did not have this capability in April, 2009, the last time a US official was allowed to see the nation’s nuclear production facilities.

    What does this all mean for America? North Korea has the ability to build a new nuclear facility in just a year’s time. North Korea can build a facility that contains thousands of viles of nuclear grade materials, a capability that matches the abilities of any Western nation.

    North Korea has the technological prowess to be a nuclear power. Does the nation already have live WMDs in storage?

    These scary thoughts give more gravity to growing concerns in America that Barack Hussein Obama is not a capable president for these trying times. Obama is a social leader, a leader who would do well in an America that has plenty of money to waste on aiding the poor and unwilling, and helping third-bit nations rise to their feet by charity, instead of hard work.

    These times are not now. America dwells in the midst of trepidation, a dark world inundated in Satan’s heavy cloud of misery and despair. Dark nations such as China and Russia rise again, leading a new slew of determined jihadists in Iraq and Iran, and defiant militants in Venezuela and North Korea, against America. The European Union nervously plays along, allowing the Eastern front to help manipulate their Euro to a state of dominance in return for their timid compliance.

    America is betrayed and alone. The threats are like none ever before, not even the combined threats of cold Soviet Russia deadlocked in Cold War and the horrors of World War I and II could match. The US is in a war of economics and posturing, a world war of electronic sophistication, military build-up and political maneuvering.

    A shocked and bewildered Obama has immediately dispatched his North Korean pro-counsel, Stephen Bosworth, to Pyongyang to assess the situation and make military threats upon Kim face to face. North Korea will not comply. It is time for a new strategy and it is one we saw when President George W. Bush was forced to lead American forces into nuclear Iraq.

    America must elect a new leader in 2012, one who will drop a nuclear bomb right in the heart of Pyongyang. North Korea is a threat and has the capability to produce thousands of nuclear bombs, each one of which can wipe out any city. Our families are in danger; our allies at risk.

    North Korea has broke international law in the most pronounced way possible. We must make them pay. We must annihilate them, before they annihilate us.

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