• Obama Airport Exposes Woman’s Breasts, Laughs

    November 18, 2010 10:40 am 6 comments
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  • Another offense to an innocent American, the victim this time being a woman who was forced to expose her breast to a mob of TSA workers.

    23-year-old Texas woman violated by TSA workers

    The 23-year-old traveler was boarding a plane in Amarillo, Texas. Upon seeing her in line, TSA agents immediately singled her out and pulled her aside.

    SHOCK: Pat-down was sex assault

    Without hesitation, one of the agents forcefully grabbed her and pulled her close, then ripped her blouse straight off. This revealed her breasts to the other agents in the area. They made lewd comments about her figure and then laughed at her embarrassment.

    The woman has filed a lawsuit:

    “As the TSA agent was frisking plaintiff, the agent pulled the plaintiff’s blouse completely down, exposing plaintiffs’ breasts to everyone in the area,” the lawsuit said.

    “As would be expected, plaintiff was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.”

    The lawsuit claims that other employees laughed and made jokes about the incident “for an extended period of time”.

    The distraught woman left the screening area to be consoled but when she re-entered the boarding area employees allegedly started joking about the matter.

    “One male TSA employee expressed to the plaintiff that he wished he would have been there when she came through the first time and that ‘he would just have to watch the video’ it said.

    When will this stop? When will Americans stop being sexually assaulted while simply trying to travel to see family and friends?

    The government has no right to violate our privacy in such ways. Innocent Americans are beings sexually assaulted and we will continue to document these horrors.

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