• Obama Airports Are Molesting Passengers, Meg McLain, Flight Attendants

    November 10, 2010 5:38 pm 7 comments
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  • Barack Obama airports are violating the rights of all Americans.

    Last week, Barack Obama ordered the FAA to instruct airline officials to aggressively pat down all passengers.

    In these hard groping pat-downs, Obama specifically ordered genitals and breasts to be thoroughly fondled.

    Americans are up in arms and even the American Civil Liberties Union has joined in protesting Obama. Union officials have instructed pilots to protest and refuse these dirty searches.

    Here we see two innocent passengers forced to endure a lesbian pat-down:


    Has Obama found a way to exploit 9/11 to slip more of the gay perverted agenda into our society?

    One American woman, Meg McLain, has a horrifying story.

    Just like millions of us Americans do every year, Meg bought plane tickets to travel by air. She went to the airport to get onto her plane, but found shock and horror were waiting for her at the airport.

    It was not at the hands of true Arabs, but rather, fellow Americans under the orders of a sitting Muslim president named Obama.

    Horrifying. Shocking.

    These words cannot contain the feelings you have after seeing the travesties Meg was forced to endure.

    We cannot continue to allow this to happen. How long is it before Obama forces us to strip naked and then allows his Airport SS to do ‘internal prods and gropes’ of our bodies before we board our planes?

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