November 12, 2010 2:21 pm 22 comments
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    It is painfully obvious to any decent person in America that so-called President Obama is a friend of homosexuals.

    This servant of Muhammad has vowed to put gays in the U.S. military and has allowed them to marry in California in blatant disregard for the Bible and the majority voters’ opinion. But is Barrack Hussein Obama gay himself?

    I have struggled with this question for a while, studied Obama’s voting record while in the U.S. Senate, looked at the types of public projects he was championing in Illinois. I even hired a private investigator to look up “Barry’s” college friends. Still, there was no smoking gun.

    Sure, there were reports of a congressional aid here and there who engaged in fecal sin. There were drunken school parties rife with buff, shirtless men with oiled chests. Lacking was anything that would directly implicate Obama in the sin of sodomy.

    Then the other day, none other than the bastion of liberal filth, the pulpit of the Devil, New York Times published an article airing the dirty laundry. Barrack Hussein Obama had a gay transvestite house slave who as a nanny subjected him to perversions of homosexuality when Obama was a boy in his native Indonesia. The skeleton is finally out of the closet, no pun intended.

    Unlike the New York Times editors who buried this fact deep at the end of the article, I am not here to defend or attack the President. I am merely interested in laying out the facts and trying to understand what makes Obama tick.

    Research after research shows that young minds are impressionable and that exposing a boy to the evils of carnal desire creates an irreparable damage. For example, when a boy is exposed to horrors of pornography he develops a desire to objectify women.

    Far worse psychological damage takes place when a boy is subjected to the immoral evils of homosexual agenda. Such boy grows up to lie, steal and subjugate his fellow men either through acts of fecal sin or any other means available.

    Now, I will leave this to others to discuss if these personal traits are applicable to Barrack Hussein Obama and focus on what we know as facts.

    Ten-year-old “Barry” and his mother lived in Jakarta, a city known for its homosexual “scene” until 1971. It is unclear how his mother got to obtain a gay slave unless she was completely oblivious to signs of sexual lifestyle choices.

    Even a boy scout can tell a gay man. It’s reasonable to conclude that the divorced mother of Obama was so desperate to provide a male role model that she did not care one way or another if a male homo pervert was touching her son. This is not entirely surprising as the view of homosexuality is very liberal in Muslim nations like Indonesia.

    This tranny nanny was certainly forcing young “Barry” to wear Muslim boy-skirts using the excuse of hot, humid climate and local customs. Sadly, there is a grain of truth in this excuse. The local customs dictate older men to introduce young boys to adulthood during a ritual facilitated by the boy-skirt.

    I am praying that the President was not subjected to this sinister ritual in which the local shaman, imam, and the boy’s handler (usually a relative, but in this case the slave) all take turns in reaching under the colorful boy-skirt and fondling the undeveloped genitals. The goal of this primitive, pederastic ritual is to awake carnal desire between the boy and the older handler.

    There is no indication yet that the nanny was committing acts of homosexual sin on young Obama. However, it is widely known that this man had a relationship with the village butcher. I am certain that on many occasions the tranny nanny took the young boy to the butcher’s shop to get some pork sausage while it was an entirely different kind of sausage the nanny was “getting” in the back of the store.

    It’s one thing for a child to accidentally witness an act of sexual congress between his loving Christian parents. It may come shocking to the child at first, but in the long run it serves as a divine example of women’s obedience and dedication to Jesus Christ through their husbands.

    There is no such benefit to seeing a homosexual gay act. It’s a very different experience for an impressionable child to be forced to watch two sweaty men on top of one another in a fly infested straw hut day after day.

    Can this gender confusion make a boy gay? Is Obama gay? You be the judge.

    The Times article also quotes the local residents saying that Obama’s nanny later joined a volleyball-playing and dancing group of transvestites who entertain people on the streets of Jakarta. Speak of adding insult to injury!

    House slaves raised great many U.S. Presidents. George Washington’s nanny certainly did not go on to become a prostitute. Thomas Jefferson’s caretaker did not dance half naked on the streets of Washington, D.C. begging for pocket change from visitors and exposing the divinely ordained President who tore down the wall between the church and state to great indignity.

    The fact that the sitting President’s former slave is selling his body as a cheap hooker on the streets of the sodomite nation of Indonesia angers all good patriots in us. It’s time for you, me and all of us freedom loving Americans to speak out against homosexual non-Christian men in the White House.http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/09/world/asia/09indo.html?_r=2&src=twrhp&pagewanted=all

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