• Obama’s Throw Lavish Dance Party with Terrorists, America Still Suffer

    November 7, 2010 4:44 pm 9 comments
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    This week, Barack Hussein Obama spent $34 billion to take a family vacation to the Ottoman Empire. You may remember this name from your history class, as this was the very empire who slaughtered and murdered millions of innocent Europeans, your forefathers and mothers, in the name of their false god.

    How convenient that Obama is one of them. He is a terrorist who commits no loyalty to the God of America. Obama is not a Christian so he has no problem dancing in jubilant celibration with Indian hindus and Paki Jihaders.

    What are they celebrating? Was it not only a few days ago, that America handed Obama and his democrat lapdogs a defeat by voting them out of our House of Representatives?

    Is not 2012 just around the corner, the time when we will sing and join hands as we kick the wicked witch and her Kenyan lord out of the White House by the power of our vote?

    So why do we still see Michelle up above dancing her jungle boogies? Why is Obama a Muslim, yet not being stoned by the terrorists for claming he was “Christian”.

    It is because the obvious is clear. Barack and Michelle are part of the Saud family, adopted into Muslim aristocracy and here to do America in. Obama has already given Iran nuclear technology.

    He has weakened Israel in hopes that they will fall and the antiChrist can defeat God in the end of times.

    Obama has thrown the American presidency at the plumed feet of King Saud and his legion of Islamic knights, who all kneel before the false Muslim thrown of Ba’alah al Jabar, the false bull god warned about in the Torah.

    Sure, liberals out there will say this is all normal and even resort to the excuse that hey, Michelle Obama can’t help dancing to music. No matter the education or refinement, you can have a warehouse full of black women and if you play a jungle boogie, they will naturally gyrate and it’s in their genes.

    But still, there is no excuse. The Obamas are celebrating with our enemies and there is video proof. There is no refinement.

    Look at her shake a monster booty. Just like the link I provided up above, you can see she is shaking in sin. In front of Muslim Hindu children and Obama just smiles and claps.

    These are sick people. They think it is okay for their great leader to donkle teenage girl children, then we see even today they let Michelle have her pick of these young harem Arab boys to do who knows what behind closed doors.

    Look how she gyrates her chocolate sincakes to the beat, trying to entice these boys to take a taste of her frosting. I’m sickened.

    Not only are these Obama terror enablers, but then they even exploit the children. What else to expect from those who support gay’s marriage.

    Let’s get them out in 2012.

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