• Sarah Palin: “We Must Support North Korea”

    November 24, 2010 4:38 pm 8 comments
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  • I’ll cut straight to the chase. Women are not qualified for politics. They are fickle and temperamental. The pressures of the greatest and most trying political job, President of America, is trying on the most noble and able of men. We need to look no further than the great visionary Woodrow Wilson for proof of this fact.

    Sarah Palin is a cute woman, do not get me wrong. She has the mental faculties to at least speak in a somewhat coherent manner, while speaking around a political subject. Though her daughter fornicated, for the most part Sarah Palin seems chaste and moral. Then again, she belongs to a charismatic African-American church; take that as you will.

    The main concern with Sarah Palin is her fascination with media. In college, she took at typical female route and went for an easier major: communication. This is fine and appropriate for the less able gender, but the problem is that even at a young age, Palin developed a psychological issue from all of the glamor pageants in which she participated.

    Palin thinks life is all about the quick flash and buck. She will expose her legs to get a vote; she will wink at the camera. This is hardly appropriate. Can we really trust her in back room dealings with the likes of the Russians and North Koreans?

    While thoughts of how she may ‘hammer’ out deals surface to mind, especially recalling how she answered her door with ‘just a towel upon her bosom and suggestive look on her face’ when interns came to visit her during the last presidential election, we must also question this woman’s mental prowess and devotion.

    Can Sarah Palin be talked into anything? You betcha. She is not bright and the smallest leap in logic will leave her with a very wide-eyed, deer in semi-truck light expression on her face. She’s quickly nod in agreement. We see today she may have already fallen under the spell of Mao and Kim-Jong Il.

    Was it a gaff? Maybe.
    Will the liberal media blow it out of proportion? They are already knee deep in the nonsensical bile that spews from their mouth, a heaping pile of crap that stands higher than Obama’s failed policy in everything he touches.

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