• Soviet Russians Fire Missile Over California, Days After UFO Over Centreville DC

    November 10, 2010 6:03 pm 9 comments
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    The Soviet Russians have united with the Chinese and European Union to bring America to its proverbial knees.

    Only days after we found a UFO hovering over Centreville, only several miles away from Washington, DC, today we found a government cover-up of an advanced missile that hovered over Los Angeles, waiting to unleash a nuclear payload never before witnessed by mankind.

    NBC affiliates caught imagery of this missile, which was launched near Catalina Island of the coast of Santa Monica and Malibu.

    Military officials have remained silent on the issue, with several denying the event occurred and others calling it a ‘photographic illusion’, ignorant of the fact that there is video footage.

    Even more daunting, the Chinese are involved.

    Today, China ordered UK Cameron to pay a visit on behalf the European Union. The Chinese have already taken Russia as an ally. Cameron did not want to attend the meeting and wore poppy, a sign of disrespect in Chinese culture, to show his displeasure in keeping the UK safe from Chinese and Soviet attack by appeasing their demands.

    America is being singled out by advanced Chinese and Russian technology. While America spends its resources keeping the world safe, the Asian powerhouses of Russia and China pool their technology and resources to build new weapons of domination and mass destruction.

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