• Teacher Attacks 14-Year-Old Male Student With Wild Sex

    November 24, 2010 2:33 pm 3 comments
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  • Kimberley Annette Gale is the latest teacher to attack student with sex, pleading guilty to two counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16.

    It is a story of horror, the worst of fears for any parent.

    A 14-year-old student is the most recent victim of a sex attack by a crazed female teacher. Over 60% of male students in America will never make it to college. This is because before they are aged 17, most of these children will have been accosted and propositioned by a female teacher in heat.

    This terrifying account starts out like so many others. The teacher was attending one of the school’s soccer games. The boy was on the school’s soccer team and his mother was in the stands. In the bleachers, the mother spoke on her phone and discussed how difficult it was getting her kid to school, to practice and to his games.

    The teacher overhead this and after a brief conversation, found she lived just around the corner from the boy’s mother. She gladly offered to give the boy rides to school, since it was on her way. She also offered to give the child a ride home. Pleasantly surprised and relieved by the generosity of the teacher, the boy’s mother accepted the offer. Little did she know, she opened to gateway for her child to be psychologically scarred for life.

    During March and April, the teacher gave the boy rides to school. According to reports, during one ride the teacher placed her hand on his legs and stated, “You are hot.” The boy, confused as children at the age of 14 are not designed to be stimulated in such ways, with their minds naturally being pure and concerned with sports, studies and obedience to parental rules, was very uncomfortable and a victim.

    During one of the trips home, the teacher — Kimberley Gale — asked the boy if he wanted to go home with her. Scared and feeling small, the boy’s lips quivered and he eked out a “Yes”. The teacher than dragged him to her home, where she forced him to strip off his clothing and then did unnatural things to cause his body to become rigid with sin and confusion. She then proceeded to place herself upon his dabber and gyrated herself up and down until he completed the tingling and release.

    This adult female — a robust and 23-year-old woman — forced this child into this sick and sadistic act, taking out all her pent up and perverted fantasies on this innocent child’s body in hidden confines of her home.

    Two weeks later, Gale again told the boy “Do you want to come over?” and now confused by what happened to him, the boy again meekly said yes. Again, the teacher mounted him and did all sorts of weird, unnatural things that a boy at that age does not desire to do. She had her way with him and made him have all sorts of mentally torturous bedroom endeavors, after which she drove him to school and he had to go the entire day feeling awkward around his friends, keeping hidden the secret of what horrors had befallen him only hours before.

    This continued to happen for several weeks, before the school contacted the boy’s mother to report he had been oddly late several times. Perplexed, the mother contacted Gale and asked her if she knew of these tardy absences. Blessed with the slithering tongue of Satan, the teacher flicked out a bold face lie and said they had been ‘stuck in traffic’ on those days.

    Still suspicious, the boy’s mother told the teacher that the ‘rides’ would stop. The mother at this point still had no idea what sorts of ‘rides to hell’ this teacher was giving the boy. As any parent should do whenever there is concern about their child being exploited, the mother in this case also took her child’s mobile phone away.

    While in possession of the phone, the mother received a text message. “I miss you” it said. It was from Gale. The mother responded, “O really?”. The teacher then said, “I love you.”

    Angry, the mother confronted her son. He wept. He wept and confessed that he had been molested by his teacher. The mother immediately contacted authorities.

    Ms Gale pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16. This is very horrible and a part of a sad, scary trend in which female teachers seek to feast upon the innocence of your teenage sons.

    If you think your son is the victim of a teacher exploiting his innocence with sexual activity, immediately contact authorities and also confiscate any communication item he may have. As we saw in the interview with famed producer Tyler Perry, these acts will always haunt your child’s life, perhaps even culminating in psychological disorders and worse.

    Just because these victims are male and teenagers, it does not belittle the crime. We must stop this ongoing trend and be there to advocate for these victims.

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