• The Boy Who Went To Heaven

    November 18, 2010 9:47 pm 14 comments
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    When I watched this for the first time, I could only lifted holy hands and let tears stream down my face. This young boy had the honor of entering Heaven.

    While he was there, the angels sang songs to him. I bet they sang him serenades of comfort, like “Obama out in 2012” and heartwarming bedside whispers like “Sleep tight, gays burn in hell tonight” so the child would have no more nightmares of gay boogies abducting him from his Florida home at night. These are only ideas and I bet the songs these angels sang to him were at least 20 times even more comforting.

    My friends, it has been some time since God invited humans to get a march through Heaven. We saw this happen in the Old and New Testament, but now we see even the children of today’s time is getting to take a personal tour and bow before the throne of our Lord. Glory glory.

    This is the goal of every American. Our nation’s laws are such that we can be moral and protect other humans, just as the Bible instructs. We teach the lesser countries in the way the should go, and they shall not depart. We use the rod on our women, children and lesser people of other nations, and we shall set them free of sin and to an eternal life with us in Heaven. A Jesus for everyone.

    Let us look at this boy’s testimony and spread the word. Who would not want to join us in heaven?


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