• The Last Supper of the Antichrist

    November 1, 2010 3:30 pm 7 comments
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    Look at them. Obama and his false prophets: Pelosi, Byden and the 10 thieves of the Hill.

    It is a story that amalgamates the true Last Supper and the Persian sand dragon’s 1001 Arabian nights; a tale that swirls horror and fate with elements of American righteousness.

    This reference perfectly describes how Obama and his followers corrupted America, much like the Persians for years now have tried to corrupt America’s Bible.

    But now they are in their final political death throes; all of them. In the Congressional elections, Obama’s democratic princes of darkness are falling.

    Across the nation, people report to their voting booths to vote for the GOP, God’s Only Party. The GOP stands for America and American values like equality, peace for all and love for mankind.

    Obama and the democrats spread a message of poison and hate. Obama’s state leaders use their gubernatorial powers to pass dangerous laws that allow the marriages of gay perverts.

    Obama’s Senators laugh together as Americans fall unemployed and their colleagues in the European Union grow richer from underground business deals.

    Obama’s State Representatives spread the message of allowing those who do not belong in America, stay in America. Why are there Americans without jobs, when sneakers are here picking our lettuce and gardening our yards under the cover of darkness? Why is Obama allowing illegals to dwell in our lands and defending their right to take the lifeblood away from good Americans.

    Obama is a false prophet. He tricked his pigmented compatriots into thinking he represented hope and promise, that he could unify the world. Any person knows these are the fork-tongued lies warned about in our Bible, the foundation of America.

    The Bible warns the false prophets will rise and try to make America fall, so that Satan can overtake our nation and destroy our values. Obama is allowing Iran to build nuclear weapons! It is because God’s original children, the Jewish children of Israel, are the true inhabitants of Jerusalem.

    Why is it that you cannot spell JerUSAlem without USA?

    It is because America is the chosen protector of God’s ancient childen and of every gentile. We are God’s country and it says so in our Declaration of Independence.

    The enemy shall always fall, so how appropriate Obama feasts upon his last supper. America’s betrayed protector now rises, in our darkest hour, to step into the light and lead us back to our Godly heritage.

    President Bush and the GOP now have returned, ready to spread a message of healing and prosperity for all Americans.

    If you read the New Testament of the Bible and our American Constitution, you will see the message of love. The message of hope. The message that is the very fabric of America.

    For these reasons, we know when Obama says, “All Americans are the enemy! and gets caught saying it on tape, then tries to backtrack, it just reveals how he is not a true American.

    In 2012, we must vote the false prophet out of our White House. Obama belongs back in Iran and Kenya, where his heart and his outer shell belong.

    In 2012, America must turn back to God. The false “Savior”, Obama, has failed America. Not even 40% of the population approves of him.

    It is time, America. It is time to take back our lives. It is time to take back our liberty. It is time, once more, to take pride and happiness of our pursuit to lead humanity to the highest echelons of existence and beyond.

    It is time to shut off the supper light for Obama and his false prophets. The table is set for a new party, so let us vote the GOP in and set America on a straight course once again.

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