• Toy Story 3: The Hidden Demonic Scenes (Part 1)

    November 27, 2010 7:57 pm 37 comments
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  • Movie:  Toy Story Trilogy
    Rating: S (Sinister) for (promotes gay agenda, demon possessed toys, false religions, whore single mother/no no nuclear family, drug use, fantasy violence, pornography, gratuitous scenes, evolution agenda, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, questionable voice acting)

    For many years now, there has been a lurking movie threat to all your children. All you parents should beware this demonic film reel! This movie has demons and they posses the most innocent of creation:  toys.

    Toys are supposed to be a comfort and joy to our children!  What a pleasant time kids have when your sons build with their tinker toys and Lincoln Logs.  Girls, they love their Lite Brite and Sally Homemaker doll set!  This is supposed to be of the innocent.

    Yet. Hollywood corrupts.  There is this movie called “Toy Story” and it is trained to make your children comfortable with demonic possessions.  Some of you older readers out there may remember the movie The Poltergeist Chucky.  It was about how a sanguine spirit of a hellbound serial killer infected a innocent doll by the unction of Satan, then the doll started to wield knives and murder people.

    This was a children’s movie released in the 1980s.  What people found out, however, is that the doll was not just a Hollywood slight of the eye.  It was real and it is because if you play with fire, you get burned!

    This movie is of a double devil ‘children’s’ cartoon series named Toy Story. It is a trick name, for the only toy in the story is the This is a movie where toys are possessed by demons and can talk to each other.

    If that is not terrifying enough, they can plot great escapes, manipulate objects and even turn their heads in a full circle!  Demoncrafts!

    You all remember the movie named Chuckie.  It was about a toy doll that serial murdered many people.  It was based on a true story and we find that Chucky is responsible for countless violent crimes among children.

    So how terrifying to know this threat is here again.  The demon toys are back the the leader of them all is a cowboy demon toy, named Woody.  Woody is a sick demon who masquerades as the favorite toy of a young child named, Andy, which without coincidence, is the name as the CHILD IN CHILD’S PLAY CHUCKY POLTERGEIST.

    The name of the innocent boy in Child’s Play Chucky Poltergeist is Andy.  The name of the innocent boy in Toy Story is, Andy.  Why?  Because these movies are all one in the same, now just under the Disney Blood banner!  They is demons.

    Here we have received some hidden scenes from the new Toy Story.  These are the scenes and crimes committed by the Woody Demon that were so vile, that the film producers tried to hide them in the deepest Hollywood vaults of hell.  But they were sent to holymailbox and now we reveal them to you!Warning:  The following film stills contain images of a demon possessed toy named Woody.  In the original film, Child’s Play, the doll Chucky was possessed by a serial killer named “The LakeShore Strangler”.  This demon’s spirit escaped and is now with this cowboy doll named Woody.  Here are the scenes the producers tried to hide from the public.  Before reviewing, demand all wife/children immediately leave the room.

    Look into the eyes of a demon.  Look!  You can see he his holding two dalldoes in his hands.  These are what lesbians use to replace a man’s seed shooter.  Lesbians are sick and are happy to see this serial killer introducing their ‘favorite’ toys unto children.

    This scene in the movie occurred when “Bo Peep”, who played the wife of Woody in this film got daldoed to death by the serial killer.

  • 2.

    Anime.  It is the Japanese word for pornography.  Toy Story 3 was so dangerous because it had Asian demon possession in it as well.  Here we see the Lakeshore Strangler using the Woody doll to murder and take sick images of a sleeping Japanese possessed doll.

    Look at the face of the Woody doll, the Lakeshore Strangler.  Just like the serial killer he is, his face delights with perversions as he snaps toy-enabled Polaroids of these sleeping anime doll.

    While I would personally throw all of these dolls in the coldest liquid nitrogen, grind them up in the biggest ceramic bowl and then burn crushed plastics in the hottest fires, it is terrifying to know that Hollywood is actually filming these things.  These dolls are possessed of Satanic influence and they are filming them,then calling it heartwarming holiday fun for children.

  • 3.

    What a sicko.  Here, we see the demon is taking pictures of the twiddle rompus.  He suggestively toots his rear towards the camera, indicating that the demon spirit is also of gay influence.  All of you parents out there who have let your child watch Toy Story.

    Your kids are now under the impression that it is normal for a homosexual doll to take pictures of himself and then come over for playtime.  You have invited Satan and murderers into the life of your child.

  • 4.

    What’s going on here?  Why is Woody tying up this cat ears doll with a metal chain.  Look at her hands.  Why are they cuffed up and why does Woody have a whip.

    Her outfit is skimpy and a whores.  This is the exact thing serial killers and homosexuals love to do to children.  Now that kids have seen things like this in a movie, they will think ‘Ok, this is normal’ when they get snatched by a prowling playground gay and these things happen!

    Why are we allowing demon possessed toys to act in movies?

  • 5.

    Now look.  Look at the evil smile on Woody’s face as he snatches the pantiedrawers off a doll!  This is sick and these are supposed to be children’s play items, not  a drunkfest fraternity demon night!

  • 6.

    We discussed earlier how Woody is a homosexual.  There was an actor on Cheers named Woody Harrellson and he served Satan’s brew, and how coincidental that again we see Woody is dispensing Satan’s favorite brew, the inebriating spirits of homosexuality.  What scares me is how lifelike these faces are and you can tell the possession is strong.  The Lakeside Strangler must have had some African cult influence as well.

  • 7.

    I cried after I saw this one.  Here it looks like the spirit of a scared Japanese girl has possessed a doll.  The Woody is exploiting this scared soul and making her do all sorts of sick things with her new body.  Again, we see how gays love to make children to sick things and take pictures of it.

    If you notice, most gays always own cameras and post professional caliber images of their boyfriends and their cats all over Facebook.  You can rest assured they have secret shots of your children being innocent, so they can corrupt them with the dankest thoughts.

  • 8.

    Here we see Woody has been murdering.  The Lakeside Strangler died in the 1980s, when the killer fell from a building.  It then possessed a doll and that doll went on a murderous rampage in New York, leaving behind a path of death in its wake.

    Movie producers used this real life story as the basis for the movie, as described with the 80s version with Chucky doll and this new one with Woody.  In this hidden film screenshot, you can see Woody is going to let his pet cat feast on the blood of the innocent.

  • 9.

    In the movie, there is another doll named Buzz Lightyear.  He is supposed to be a ‘good’ demon apparently but in the third movie we see it’s really just a Mexican.  Whatever the case, in this scene we see Woody trying to murder the Lightyear doll.

  • 10.

    Now this one is scary.  We know film producers tend to be sick people, but this image suggests that whoever wrote this film and took these pictures had a sexual relationship with the demon toy.  Woody is preparing to have a sin dangle with whoever is taking this picture and it was in a Hollywood green room.

  • 11.

    The dolls eyes are clouded with sin and hell’s spirits.  Look at that cloudy eye, hazed worse than a field of drug sniffing Mexicans.  This is very demonic.

  • 12.

    I am not sure what is going on here, but it looks evil.  There seems to be milk shooting up so he is probably murdering a cow or bull for his false god Ba’al, which is just another name for Satan.  They use kleenex to clean the milk.

  • 13.


    Another photograph where we see the gay agenda.  Every year, 25% of children worldwide come across a gay and the gay makes object moves to abduct or dally them.  There is a statistic where for every one gay, four children are molestered.  When we see movies like this we can understand why children have their guard down and these numbers keep rising.

  • 14.

    Here, the toy uses its devil powers to shoot himself in the head with rubberized bullets.  You can see the production blood coming out and the only way this toy can actually be killed is through a priest’s exorcism or stabbing it in the heart with a blessed dagger that his been dipped in holy oil.

  • 15.

    Look at the murdered toys.  Look at them!

    You never saw them in the movie, did you?  You wonder why they had those weird green alien twins instead of more human twins?  It is because they were all murdered and no telling what this gay cowboy did to their bodies.

  • 16.

    When I came across this documentation media in my email, I became sick and wretched out the contents of my belly.  It is disgusting and you can see when toys are possessed, Satan films them with the inside parts of decayed life.

    Here you can see the inner tissue is necrotic and the demon in the Woody doll is feasting upon this.  How terrifying and hopefully you were obedient when I told you to get your wife and children from the room before reviewing.  There is no way they will sleep at night after seeing this and their weak minds and hearts are tortured for days on end by this image.  These is demon possession folks.

  • 17.

    Here Woody is cooking a Japanese toy baby.  You can see he is literally feasting upon the flesh of children.  In his mind, it’s the flesh of the innocent even though any toy that is under the influence of Satan is naturally not innocent in the first place.  Notice his passion for knife play, another scary sign.

  • 18.

    Here we see he is peaking with sin, right up the skirt of this doll and looking at her rubberized nether regions.  He wants to slip his pull string up there and do bad things.

  • 19.

    In Toy Story 3, when we reviewed it we found out that Ken doll is a homosexual.  He writes in girly purple and uses a heart to dot his exclamation marks, and has an insatiable desire to try on gay clothing and model it off.

    Here, we see more proof that Woody is a gay.  He puts on a little red riding hood outfit and wants to play broomsticks with children and men.

  • 20.

    Remember Asian guitar girl.  Look at the gay cowboy, on the attack!

    He has snatched her pantiedrawers and is now doing what gays fantasize about the most.  Notice he does not look at her front sallyjessy, but rather her dairy chocolate spout. This is the marks of a gay.  They will always look toward the backside of their victims.

  • 21.

    It is almost hard to believe this is all being caught on film.  A demonic toy actor doing all sorts of things on film, which Hollywood tried to hide from the rest of the movie.  Here he looks over a field of his next children victims.

    This is pretty much what life is like in hell, with the addition of the hottest fire lava and tortured screams.  Gays get to continue to do what they love most, just like other criminals like killers, Mexicans, drug blacks and terrorists.  No one can ever die though, you just keep coming back and having horrible things done to you.  Would you want this for all eternity, a sick demon constantly doing all these bad things to you and your children?

  • 22.

    Look at the milksacks.  A man is not supposed to have them, yet we see this toy is implanted with sin.  Either there was some toycraft or more than likely, it just used its devil powers to grow them.  Again, notice the bedroom eyes and how this toy is trying to entice the camera filmer.  I’m guessing there is an illegal toy/man homosexual relationship going on here.

  • 23.

  • 24.

    There are new studies which show that if you cross your eyes when looking at a 3-d film, depending on the film content (demons, drugs and other things associated with hell) you can see a portal straight into hell.

  • 25.

    There is a girl cowboy in the movie named Jessie.  Jessie is Woody’s cousin, yet look what he is doing to her.  He’s trying to thrust his slowpoke into her candy wrapper.  He wants to do a chocolate rod and these are the toys your children watched in Toy Story.  Would you let your children watch a movie that starred Charles Manson, Dita Von Teese and Ron Jeremy?  I don’t think so!

    This is all amplified now because all these toys are of demons!

  • 26.

    Here, the Buzz Lightyear toy feingts Woody having a dangle with the daldoes.

  • 27.

  • 28.

    Here the dolls is looking at Asian pornographies, not the anime type but of real people.  It shows this demon was a person at one time and still has a taste for human flesh, which is why it is probably flirting with the camera man.

  • 29.

  • 30.

  • 31.

  • 32.

  • 33.

    The doll has a thing for the rump of Asian women, which is usually very unremarkable and without a good shape.  This shows this doll was probably Asian.  The Lakeside Strangler must have been an Asian gay male and had a strange fetish for dallying Asian women in the pooper squat pose.

  • 34.

    Again, notice the Asian woman taste and the desire to have milksacks.  The demon in this toy is giving us a look into the mind of a serial killer.  This is a better psychological look than even the movie Hannibal Lecter.

  • 35.

  • 36.

    If you look closely you can tell drugs are involved.

  • 37.

  • 38.

  • 39.

  • 40.

  • 41.

    The bottle has Asian letters on it and is some form of Suki, an Asian alcohol that uses hallucination drugs in it .  Gays in Asia usually force stray women and children to drink it, then appear on their weird game shows.

    They also use it as a word play.  In Asia they laugh about the phrase “Suki, suki five dorrah you make my juices flow!” and we saw the proof in this video, where a prostitute teaches Asian students who travel to America abroad to trick businessmen with that phrase we all know, then bedroom fornication and adultery divorces. It is all an Asian agenda to tear apart the nuclear family.

  • 42.

  • 43.

  • 44.

  • 45.

  • 46.

    Again, it ends with an Asian fetish.

    Toy Story was released in 1995.  Back then, computers were primitive and all ran no better than Windows 3.1.  The graphics were horrible and there is no way a pixelated 1995 Woody could take all the images in that movie, even with Disney computer technology.  They try to claim Pixar helped but that’s still impossible.

    What we see here is that Asian possessed demon toys were involved.  We already proved how demon possession of toys works and this movie was all the proof needed.  The only difference:  these toys were put on a Hollywood budget and no telling what other sorts of things (children, stolen people, cult blood and worship) Disney producers gave these demon toys to act out their plots.

    These images are just the looks into the antics of one demon toys.  No telling what happened to the rest.

    What we do know is that Toy Story 3 is evil.  The main toy in it is Woody.  He is a homosexual gay cowboy serial murder with Asian heritage.

    No telling the backgrounds of some of the other scarier toys, such as Big Baby, the Prospector, Lots O’ Huggin’ Bear (which was a Japanese cartoon bear and toy, surprise surprise)  and even the dread doll head spider.  What sort of demonry must be invoked to create these beasts of the Revelation?

    Parents, Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 are evil films.  We saw the proof today with these secret still about the Woody demon.  How many more must you see before it’s too late, and your child is possessed because you let them watch this film.

    Burn this movie! Boycott the products!  Say no to Disney and all others who support this scary stuff.  Protect your children at all costs, or they may find themselves playing ‘horsie ride’ for a gay cowboy demon.  Beware!  You are warned!


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