• TSA Unzips The Pants of a Little Boy

    November 22, 2010 11:57 am 5 comments
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    Karen Gray

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, let us be grateful that there will be adults teaching our children that America is all about pulling down your pants and letting the government molest you as they please.

    Let us not remind them that in a democracy, the will and voice of the people should remain supreme. Let us teach them to be thankful for Obama reigning in a culture of fear and submission.

    Why is this child being strip searched?

    If the parents dare protest this action, will they not be arrested just like every other adult who is refusing to let adults strip their clothes off, and then stroke their penis or insert fingers into the labia of their vaginas?

    That is exactly what happened to this man.

    When Barack Obama travels, would he be willing to sit by with his watermelon grin and applaud as agents stripped the knickers and stockings off his little girls, Sasha and Malia Obama.

    Would he allow their chests to be fondled and for them to be bent over in front of perfect strangers. Show of hands: how many illegal images of Obama’s junk and Sasha and Malia’s naughty bits are stored on TSA computer servers.

    Let us not forget Big Mama Obama. Michelle Obama would throw a fit if she had to strip off her Prada handbag, Armani clothing and Victoria’s Secret panties. She would raise a storm of hell if she had to bend over and let a TSA agent probe her democratic ass, all one in the same with the way Obama is trying to convince us these TSA patdowns are necessary.

    If Obama thinks these patdowns are fine, each and every time his family travels, they should be subjected to the same nonsense every other American is being forced to endure.

    The Obama girls should be stripped and fondled. Barack should have numerous images of his body taken by the TSA and any random agent should be able to reach down in his pants.

    Michelle should be molested until the point that she urinates on herself, just like this unfortunate American traveler who was violated by a TSA agent. Way to pick on a cancer survivor and grandfather, Obama.

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    Karen Gray Karen Gray is a student of journalism at LMU and international events columnist for the CW.

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