• WIKILEAKS: Brazilian Drug Kingpin Is Huge Justin Bieber Fan, Mural in Complexo

    November 29, 2010 6:47 pm 4 comments
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  • The plot thickens.  We all knew Justin Bieber was a bone thug.  We’ve caught him time and time again:

    Justin Bieber Subverts Suburban Parenting, Sneaks Urban Leaders to Pure Daughters

    A Three-Year-Old Child Possessed With “Bieber Fever”

    Justin Bieber Prostitutes Self, Gets Trample Stamp

    Justin Bieber Doing Drugs Before MTV Awards

    Justin Bieber Joins Notorious L.A. Crisps, Recruits More Innocents

    Justin Bieber Fornicates In Hippie Commune, Sends Video To Elementary Students

    Justin Bieber Assaults 12-Year-Old At Laser Tag

    Now if all this proof was not bad enough, we see Justin Bieber is the talk of the Rio drug syndicate. It is apparently common for Brazilian drug lords to find solace and comfort in Bieber’s lyrics and girlish crescendos.

    In a recent WIKILEAKS expose, we see that Brazil’s top drug mogul, the dangerously volatile Alexander Mendes da Silva is shipping Bieber music. Look at this expose posted by Assange:

    It was leaked because there is a drug problem in America: the Obama administration has tried to hide this fact for decades.

    Brazilians are using Bieber’s albums to weaken the morals and minds of children with sponsored drug messages. Bieber is opening a path to them to the bedroom and sleepy eye times of your children.

    Now, when at school and a transfer black or maybe even Hispanic comes to your child to offer them drugs, they will say “Yes”. More drug man in Brazil will make much money and then it is all downhill from there for your kids.

    That is why da Silva loves Justin Bieber. Just like with Ludacris and the Crisps, Bieber is corrupting innocent children for Mexican drug lords.

    How scary is it that Obama invited Bieber to give a ‘private’ concert to his daughters Sasha and Malia?

    If Obama knows Bieber is a part of a drug agenda and gang violence, and still invites him into the bed pantries of his girls, what do you think he cares about yours.

    Nothing. Nothing.

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