• WIKILEAKS – Iran Obtains Nuclear Weapons from North Korea

    November 29, 2010 9:11 am 1 comment
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  • The Obama administration tried to hide the truth from America, but an Australian hacker named Julian is bringing dark Obama into the light where we can all see what lies and shadowy secrets his administration has tried to hide.

    We all know North Korea is an evil country.  President George W. Bush made this fact official by labeling North Korea in the Axis of Evil.

    Today, however, is the day of revelation.  The site Wikileaks has obtained 250,000 documents that expose Obama’s lies.

    Of these lies, is that of North Korea and Iran.  Obama tried to convince America Iran and North Korea are not missile and nuclear threats, when the fact is that these countries are capable of both.

    There missiles can destroy any city in Europe. Any?

    For our European readers, how well will you now sleep knowing at any moment, you can be nuked by a bearded terrorist, thousands of miles away.

    Read it here for yourself.

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