• Women Gives Boyfriend Lap Dance at Dallas Cowboy Football Game

    November 6, 2010 6:03 pm 20 comments
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    I am disgusted and this is exactly why I will never let my wife go to a football game with my and the guys. She will just embarrass me just like this and for you young newlyweds out there, be warned! Womens is needy and will do strip shows at the big game, on camera, to just distract you onto her.Warning: This video shows a typical housewife being jealous of football and using gyrating sin to distract her husband from the game. Immediately demand your wife/children leave the room immediately before reviewing this creature’s innate behavior.

    Why is it that a women is so needy. This fact becomes painfully obvious every football season. You married men out there know exactly what I’m talking about.

    It is always during a juiced game, where the clock is ticking down and the quarterback is calling out a miraculous Hail Mary, where all the fans pray that perhaps a divine gust from heaven above will carry the ball to gently rest in the crisped hands of the favorite wide receiver.

    The moment is nigh! Adrenalines pump through the body, making your heart race with a fit of fury that not even ten prowling African jungle cats possess! It is time for the big play.

    Then who comes around the corner besides Nagface Nanny complaining about chores and such that are not really important. Women just get jealous of football and want you to pay attention to their fickle needs and petty desires. They will come up with all sorts of ridiculous reasons to distract you:

    1. Walk The Children
    2. Claming they want love time, even though day before made a bag of excuses to be lazy and just go to sleep.
    3. Chores to don’t even belong to men in the first place
    4. ‘Watching too much tv’

    You have probably heard these and have a list of your own you hear week after week after week, during every good game.

    The reason for this is that women are jealous and needy. If they see you looking at the game too long, their simple minds cannot comprehend the interest of football and cheering for the team. The excitement as your soldiers on the field triumph and cause misery for the losing sotful hellbound sinner who are cheering for the other team and their helper refs.

    They think it is sexual. They look at football and when a women says she wants to watch a game, it is usually just to state at the arms and butt ends of the players. Women think we are just waiting for halftime cheerleaders, when that is not the case at all.

    Here in this video is live proof. A women goes to a football game with her husband. Fine, maybe she is trying to be do something rare and be a good wife by enjoying the game with hubby. Fine.

    What we see though, is her natural needy instinct kicks in and she tempts her husband into distraction from the game and onto her by using a Satanic lap dance. These are things black baby ‘mama’ stripper do in the hoods and the dance is why they have so many unfathered childrens. This is what this woman has resorted to and she cares not if the crowd cheers and gives her dollars.

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