• 40 Best Protest Signs of 2010

    December 20, 2010 11:58 am 110 comments
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    2010 was a very tough year for America. We had to endure an unprecedented travesty, that being a foreign-born Muslim playing Lord and Savior over our nation.

    And we suffered.

    Our economy is in shambles. Our armies, weak and without a Christian leaders. The nations of Earth fallen and embroiled in violence, with the threat of America’s powerful hand gone from their minds.

    Our people are fallen. Gays are now allowed to be in the military, putting all at risk for AIDS and molestation on the battlefield. Obamacare ensures that even the lowlifes of our nation get as good healthcare as the working.

    China and their allies are nuclear threats and have been allowed to develop powerful economies.


    These are dark times and it is time for America to stand up and make the world right again. Our founding fathers gave us the power of Protest and that we shall!

    Here are the best protest signs and topics of the years, with a excerpt of the problems each one represents. We must deal with these issues and by 2012, remove them so America can once again be restored as undisputed leader of the world and police for all of mankind, ensuring God’s will reigns supreme so all humanity, not just America, can have life, liberty and eternal happiness.

    • 1.

    When times get tough, one person to make a difference always seems to arise from calamity.

    When the Catholic Church started to full under the spell of Satan, God sent Martin Luther to create true Christianity.   When the British redcoats betrayed their God-given task of being the protector — not the exploiter — of humanity,God sent George Washington to lead a new nation of freedom, to create a new kingdom of righteousness and morality for all.

    When the world faced its darkest hours, with the Germans goose-stepping through the frozen Russian tundra and rounding up the children of Israel in cattlecars, all while their little yellow friends sneak attacked Pearl Harbor, God sent Harry Truman to end the madness with the peaceful silence only brought by our secret greatest weapon, the nuclear bomb.

    Japan has learned its lesson and responsibly bowed to our will since.

    And even more recently, the black Martin Luther helped explain that not all blacks were violent and they could do good work if given the chance.  It saved America from another Civil War.

    Even when mankind faced its darkest hour, God sent his only Son, so we may have eternal life.

    So to see Glenn Beck emerge from the darkness, a time when a Muslim loyalist tries to destroy our nation from within — as warned by our prophetic Republican President Abraham Lincoln — in a bid to destroy freedom, is not surprising.

    Just like Martin Luther King, Glenn Beck was able to inspire over 1 million people to go to Washington, D.C., to stand up for freedom for all.  Just as the Bible tells us to do, Glenn Beck follows the example of Christ by advocating for freedom for everyone.

    • 2.

    I really enjoyed this sign.  When we went to help protest against illegal Mexicans and kicking them out, we really racked our brains to come up with goodies.  This one says it all though.

    “Fat Mexican.  You’ve been Eating Too Many Burritos”.

    The next time you’re at your store, look on the ‘hispanic’ or ‘international’ food aisle.  You will see they create a section just for Mexicans.

    It is filled with lard, tamale sauces, mole sauces, beans and all types of other unhealthy things.  They price it cheap because they know the shopping illegals have little money and will make a burrito our of anything that sounds Mexican.  They are getting fat because they can buy all of this food for cheap while us real Americans carry the burden of cost on higher priced, proper items.

    If you see a Mexican family or just an old lady in the store, look in her cart and you will see it is filled with all this cheap nonsense.  They are taking it back to their little pink and yellow house illegal neighborhoods and making tons of burritos with it so their numbers and girth can grow.

    We need to kick Mexicans out for many reasons, including this.  They are driving up our food prices because the stores have to offset the low price, high purchase rate, of the dog food goods that Mexicans will buy for cheap and fill up on.

    • 3.

    Barack Obama is an illegal.  Easy enough.  He’s all the same as the fat illegal Mexican from the example above.  All need to leave this country and come here properly and even then, none of them can be president.

    • 4.

    Again, Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein because he’s a Muslim who was born in Indonesia.  If that’s not bad enough, he was adopted by the Soetoro family and was called “Barry” when his family tried to blend him in with America.

    • 5.

    Here we see some educated Afro-Americans.  Read their signs:  Democrats do not like black people.

    For some reason, blacks flock to the Democrat party.  That is how Barry Hussein Obama got elected in the first place.  Gullible blacks always vote for the Democrat and it probably has to do with them all liking John F. Kennedy.

    Now if you know your history, you’ll know about carpetbaggers, scalawagsand Dixiecrats.  These names may sound silly but they are not made up, read the research if you must.

    Most people do not realize it, but Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and he gave his life trying to free the black slaves.  A Democrat named John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln because he was anti-Southern slavery.

    The Democrats had their stronghold in the South, where slavery was a key institution.  It let them have free labor for their large plantations.   The Northern United States was and still is mostly Republican, and as every slave such as Harriet Tubman knew, you ran North to the Republicans for freedom.

    Time and time again, look at legislation.  You will always see Republicans are for treating blacks equally while Democrats try to make it all different.  Even today, Democrats doggedly defend things like Affirmative Action because they do not believe blacks can achieve success on their own.

    • 6.

    Now this one is really clever.  A mosque is like a church, but filled with terrorists who pray to a false deity and then make plans on how to attack America.

    This is why the 9/11 mosque in New York is so scary, offensive and terrifying.

    Obama is a true wolf in a sheep’s skin, trying to veil himself as a Christian when in reality, the true face underneath is the ugly face of Islamic terror.

    “Unmask” youself, Obama.  Unmosque America and stop trying to make us follow Shariah law.

    • 7.

    Fox News is always criticized by liberals, because it is such a great fountain of life giving water in the middle of a desert.  In a world where morality and truth have run dry, millions of people have found Fox News refreshing.  It rains the truth upon every subject and it strikes down deep into the hearts, soul and minds of many Americans.

    And as we see from the last elections, we did vote out all liberals.  Only the White House remains to vote out the destructive, racist Democrats.

    • 8.

    After World War II, the Soviet Union used backward spies to steal our nuclear technology and try to spread their socialism to the world.

    Socialism, and its more organized concept of Communism, is more dangerous than Hitler himself.

    Joseph Stalin was a socialist.  He killed millions, in cold blood.  Socialists build societies where the public must depend on the government for healthcare, much like Obama is doing with Obamacare.

    When the public is totally dependent, it leaves the few wealthy elite, protected by a cold military, to do as they please.  We saw it in Saddam’s Iraq.  We saw the system with Chairman Mao.  We saw it with Stalin.  We see the desperation of America as Obama tries it here, too.  We must all be oncologists and rid America of the political cancer:  Democratic policy.

    • 9.

    Sarah Palin is an exceptionally rare woman.  She is smart.  She is funny.  She is witty.  She makes the Democrats tremble with fear, as if they were caught in their cheating underwear by a strong gust of Alaskan winter.

    Party like it’s 1773.  The Democrats are not the party our forefathers had envisioned.  How can a party who hates the word “Republican” stand up for the “Republic, for which our flag stands, One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”.  It is in our nation’s pledge and we are a Republic.  The Demcorats hate this fact and have no loyalty.

    • 10.

    Many blacks are hypocrites.  If you call them pickaninny or negro, they get all huffy and send Al Sharpton or Jess Jackson to march all around your yard and yell at you.  Yet, they think it is okay to call me ‘honkey tonkey’ and ‘cracker’ or even worse ‘hick’ and ‘country boy idiot’.  These are all racists and you can see this grandmother has been a victim of these hypocrites as well.

    • 11.

    Obama is an opportunist.  It is not surprising he ran for president, because he probably has a genetic urge to exploit the system.  Just like everyone on food cards, Obamacare and all other government assistance, we are paying for Obama’s life.

    We pay for his house.  Maybe this is why Obama thinks were are happy with higher taxes to give all of his ‘type’ free homes?

    We pay for the Obama’s food meal stamps.  Maybe this is why he thinks we are happy to see money out of our paychecks to give attitude black women at the store free money to buy their 4 childen and non-working “Baby Dad” steak and lobster dinners.

    We pay for the Obama’s healthcare.  Maybe this is why Obama thinks Obamacare is such a great idea, that us with insurance want to make sure Sheneesha and her children or Guudalupe and her litter get free healthcare and no worries about the bill or responsibility.

    Socialists are a danger and the more people who call them out on whoring out our nation and paychecks, the better.  This is a great sign and I’m happy to see the holder has broken the mold with his home.

    • 12.

    Our elders have seen many things and they can smell a mole from a mile away.  Obama is trying to dig away our rights.  He tried to take away our rights to bear arms.

    He is trying to take away our right to freely share journalism and is hunting down Julian Assange and many others like an African pack wolf to the slaughter.

    He tried to take away our right to fly without being molested by a potential gay.

    Obama has tried to do many things and even this Christmas, we found him trying to prevent federal use of the word Christ.  Obama is a Muslim who thinks it is alright for Iran to have nuclear weapons, but it is okay to strip away rights as given by the Constitution of America, for Americans.

    Don’t tread on me, Obama, for we will all vote you out of the White House in 2012 and laugh as you run back to Chicago so fast with your tail between your legs, your shoe tread blows out.

    • 13.

    If you read the Declaration of Independence, you will quickly notice we are established as a nation under God.  We are a Judeo-Christian nation and until Obama usurped the presidency with false promises to the nation’s minorities who are allowed a full vote each, we have never had the office of President betrayed.

    Now we have a Muslim in office.   Obama stands for Iran and the Sauds, not for America.  When Obama wake sin the morning, he faces the East to do Mecca chants.  Why did Michelle take such joy in veiling herself in the Muslim lands?  She looked very comfortable and at home.

    Obama is a Muslim.  Just look at his middle name.  Hussein.  None of his name is American and that is proof enough, not even looking at his background.

    We must have a Christian in office, because America is one nation under God.

    • 14.

    Faking citizenship so you can become president and push an Islamofacist agenda is definitely grounds for treason.

    • 15.

    From the mouth of babes, pours the truth.

    • 16.

    Obama wants America to be dependent on the government, so we will become a social welfare state.  This will make it far easier for Obama to force Islamic creed upon America.  Hitler did similar when building the Nazi party into Germany.

    • 17.

    Obama is racist against old, white Americans because they tend to be steadfast Christians.  Did you know under Obamacare, non-minority people over the age of 65 will definitely get a tax on their wheelchairs?

    Have you paid a visit to your mom or dad, or grandparents this week?  Ask them how they feel about being taxed during their golden years.

    • 18.

    Here is a good test question all students of Democracy should know.  Quiz your children and explain to them how Obama is each of the above.

    • 19.

    Here we see, Palin stands for Breast Cancer Awareness as well as a good choice for president in 2012.  She may be a woman, but at least she’s Christian and not a Muslim impostor.  You can tell the breast cancer double meaning by the shade of pink this man uses and the fact that potential President Palin stands for awareness as well.

    • 20.


    • 21.

    Again, we can see this family has been subject to discrimination.

    • 22.

    Obama’s wreckless spending is putting our children in debt.  Go peak in on your kids, so innocent.  By the time this year is over, each of them will be plagued with the stress of bills and $50,ooo debt, courtesy of Hussein the Drain.

    • 23.

    Obama Sr. was a Kenyan national who raised Obama a Muslim until he did the typical genetic thing and left Obama and his Caucasian mother.  Obama is arrogant because in Islam, men are domineering and taught they are always right.

    • 24.

    Very clever and now you know the Kenya reference.

    • 25.

    It is good to see there are many flavors of T.E.A.  We all hate taxes!  Get out of our wallets, OBama!

    • 26.

    I can’t think of a bigger sin than helping Obama destroy our nation’s economy, so it will not be surprising to find Nancy Pelosi already has a podium, gavel and seat in hell.  Too bad that the only speaking she’ll be doing there is yelping out in pain as Satan balances her budget with searing efficiency.

    • 27.

    Democrats like to typecast people.  Here we see a woman who eats questionably but is a Republican.

    • 28.

      This man has earned his smug pose, because this is just clever and does not use bad words on it so kids at the rally don’t have to read the namesake of the Democrat party.

    • 29.

    I almost missed the fact that FCC was using tax money to promote gays on tv.  Ellen Degenerate is the worse of them all along with her floozy Porita de Rosse.  Enough lesbians and mononucleosis, AIDS and viral yeast infections spread by these sick people.

    • 30.

    How ironic that a Kenyan is trying to chain us with oppression.

    • 31.

    Even the old and nearly dead and dead (therefore their families) will pay for taxes under Obama’s plans.

    • 32.

    Look at these little cheerleaders cheering for an all female lineup.  Unorthodox, but then again, way better than what we have now.  I’d support them.

    • 33.

    This lovely couple shines with pride with a NoBama sign.

    • 34.

    Now this is a new angle.  Were the Soviets and their little democrat socialist allies behind 9/11.  We know the Soviets do export and outsource their works to the Arabs, so it could be a triangle conspiracy.  <a href=”http://spiritoftruth.me”>See what you think.</a>.

    • 35.

    There was a typo on this one that we’ve denoted but the message is still the same.

    • 36.

    I have this one printed out in the break room at work.  Obama’s stimulation is just a prostitution of America.

    • 37.

    How convenient that in 2012, we can run the ‘NoBama in Novemba’ campaign.  It will appeal to the blacks and they are even upset with him.

    • 38.

    This is exactly how socialism works.  You give up all your rights and needs to government, then it is just like they have a gun to your head.  Bang band you are dead.

    • 39.

    How great to see the very people who Obama into office are now sick and tired of him.

    • 40.

    There is nothing more that needs to be said.

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