• 9 New Racy Photos Raise Miley Cyrus Lesbian Questions

    December 28, 2010 8:44 pm 19 comments
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  • Is Miley Cyrus a lesbian?  This pressing question is at the forefront of world news today, as nine new leaked photos have the hearts and minds of parents, worldwide, deeply gripped and concerned.

    Months ago we predicted the downfall of this child, for Hollywood corrupts and her rock-a-billy father let her consort with many degenerate people and even worse, perform crude dances and songs upon a lit stage, much like a Babylonian bed maid dancing for the cheering crowds of Gomorrah.

    Miley Cyrus’ fall into Satan’s deathgrip was inevitable:  if we raise a child in the way it should go, and it will not depart, what happens when the opposite takes place?

    What happens when we raise a girl to know that if she spreads her legs upon stage to take raunchy photos, that she will become a billionaire?  What is to happen to children who are allowed to be touched and prodded by grown men, when they are only in their tender teenage to twenty-year-old years?

    They will turn into lesbians and whores for the devil.  It happens time and time again.  As if it is not bad enough that 93% of girls who have a sexual experience before the age of twenty-one, that they are three times as likely to try lesbian actions in later life, your heart is drenched and overwhelmed with grief to know that of these girls, over 23% will develop psychosis and deadly lesbian diseases before they enter their 40s.

    Lesbianism and this lifestyle breaks the powerful psyche of a woman.  It destroys the God-given mother instinct that should naturally coalesce within the minds and body of every woman, making her want to seek out a strong and stable husband, for who she will be the vessel that carries and gives birth to his children.

    Now, however, we see corruption first hand.  The hands of Mickey Mouse have delivered this child in gift wrap unto the pagan tree of Satan as he celebrates Yule Tide with his demons.  These evil forces rejoice for every soul that is delivered into corruption.

    Let us look at these dangerous photos and weep with the angels of heaven above, for this child is gone.  Miley Cyrus needs our prayer power to come back to the light and to be a good Christian mother like she was fated to be.  Bless this child, Lord, before she falls into psychosis and is made into a fully reprobate mind Lord, clawing through fields and eating grass, not knowing she is truly a woman and not a lesbian sinner.  Glory be, bless this child!  Bless her!

    WARNING:  Miley Cyrus is possessed by the spirit of lesbianism.  Forbid your children from watching or listening to this child, for the spirit can infect them through various media, making your daughter a dueling lesbian and even worse your son a gay transfer medium.  Before reviewing this photo evidence, demand your wife/children leave the room and pray before witnessing for your parenting group.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    From the Germanic armbands and crude black leather, we can tell this must be a lesbian club in Eastern Europe.  Miley still has some innocence in her, as if you look into her countenance, one can see it is gripped in confusion and fear.

    This is typical for lesbians, as their bodies do not naturally  desire to be fondled by another woman, but instead to get married and then to be with a husband on the wedding night.

    Look at how the seducer strips down the panties stockings and closes eyes in sin, while red Jezebel lips tempt to pluck Miley’s forbidden fruit by the cherry stem.  That tough face is seasoned in the art of pluming through feathers for a taste of sin.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    In the next shocking image, we see more footage from the same night.  For some reason, Steven Tyler is here wearing a black dress and doing a duck-faced pose as he stands next to Miley Cyrus and what appears to be three dangerously gay men.

    These gays are among the most dangerous type, as evidenced by their telling biker clad leather, and of the same breed as our colleague Stephenson Billings warned about when exposing the cult at JoeMyGod, a standing shrine to the most clandestine of homosexual perversions.

    This image shows one fact that many of your parents and readers may forget or miss.  Gays will attack beautiful young children, no matter the gender.  Gays have an odd fascination with anal perversions, and as such, will exploit any that they can expose.  Look at the rippling excitement of these three taut gays as Miley’s short skirt already has had the protective undergarments removed by the lesbian in the prior image.

    We must remain vigilant in keeping gays away from our children.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    This is the one that was clam-dabbling Miley in the first picture.  Now we see them leaving the Eastern Europe club holding hands.  Look at the naughty girl holes in the jeans, the lesbian’s flannel pattern and the cross of confusion, crested above exposed mammalian ludicrosities.

    These are all tell-tell signs of lesbianism afoot and notice the Jezebel red fingernail polish as well.  You should look for these same things in your daughters, for they are signs of a burgeoning lesbianism but can be cured with proper counseling.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    The bulging deltoid muscle of the exposed left arm screams of bellowing testosterone levels and from the angle, the infraspinatus is also likely far more developed than that of a proper lady.

    With the ripped and defined arms, along with the set face, it would seem Miley probably plays the passive role of the submissive woman in this potential lesbian pairing and again, we see a hand locked in an arm.  Dangerous.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    Here we see the woman giving a lustful eye, much like a poor Mexican at a country buffet.  They just want to fill up with us much as possible and will line up their families, as if more food will not come out.  This shows the spirit of “Lust” and is one of the seven deadly sins.

    Biting one’s lips to not salivate is only revealing just how deeply set the spirit of lust has overcome the body.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    Much as seen when looking at the faces of the masturbatory afflicted, we see how the one on the right proudly wears the badge of smug.  It is a look that says, “I know what lies beneath those bulging black tights” and is a look for which parents must remain vigilant in seeing within the eyes of your daughter’s friends, especially tough looking women or effeminate guys.

    Notice there is also wet liquids in the bottom quadrant of Miley’s shirt and no telling what sort of sick perversions exploded to cause such stains.  You parents are shocked and are beginning to understand why Miley Cyrus is such a danger to which your daughters must not listen.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    You would think the evidence could get no worse, but it does.  It is now thick and there is no denying the visual truths.

    Here, we see the shoes “Converse” or “Chucks”, as they are called in black demographic regions, make an appearance.

    It is no secret that out of all female basketball player, a whopping 89% majority are open lesbians.  There is no telling how high that percentage goes considering how many of the unconfessed are veiling their lick-tongue locker room fantasies and antics.  Most girls who play basketball like to wear Chucks and as the statistic show, are lesbians.  Those who are normal are usually forced to become lesbians or pay a consequence.

    Here it appears they are prepared to fly off to some other exotic location, with poor Miley being dragged along by the arm, confused and in need of a good Christian counselor to return to her moral, down home roots.

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    The eyes of Miley are even without true focus here.  Why is it that not every girl celebrity can have a strong mother like First Lady Laura Bush or the refreshing former Governor and media leader Sarah Palin.

    Bristol Palin fell into the darkest of sins, fornication, and even bore a sin-child as evidence of her wrongdoing.  Instead of falling down the path that we see befall so many minority and similar ilk, that of welfare and repeat offenses — until a litter of children with multiple fathers are present — we see Sarah Palin’s faith corrected even the most rebellious and corruptable.

    Now Bristol Palin is a sterling example of a young woman who has learned and repented of her mistakes.  She has turned her life around and through faith and hard work, even purchased for herself and child a $172,000 beautiful home.

    Miley’s parents have divorced and we must ask the tough question, who will save this child?

    Miley Cyrus Photos Leaked Online

    The eyes and face of a child can tell the story of 1,000 words.  Miley’s face is telling one story:  sadness.

    It is sad to see this child is so down and not happy, even with her friend here.  We can only hope that the appearances of the images do not truly tell the story of lesbianism.  We can only hope that these two are comforting each other in the ways of innocent, not the ways of corruption.

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