• Ams A KKK Snowman So Wrong?

    December 3, 2010 5:07 pm 15 comments
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    Freedom is being violated in Hayden, Idaho, as a community is trying to ruin Christmas for a family who loves the Constitution and American’s founding principle.

    This Christmas, a home-owning family in Idaho decided to build themselves a historical variation of Frosty Snowman and designed it so that it had on a robe of pure white, the color of a pure and unadulterated Christmas snow.

    A news station, KXLY, has the audacity to try to twist this family’s simple holiday celebration into being something that it is not.

    The community, lead by their local news station of all things, is singling out this family.  They are accusing this family of ‘spreading hate’, simply because the snowman they built has a little cone hate and white robe, and a tying rope, similar to what a KKK member might wear to a business meeting.

    How it this spreading hate?

    They say not why he is wearing his robe and if he has out his rope perhaps to help Santa reign down his worker beasts of the night air, or maybe even he needs to keep his bag tied extra tight when he flies through the bad drug dealer’s neighbor’s ‘hoods’ if you get my drift.   You know there are certain types of people who like to steal this time of year, and if you notice, Saint Nicholaus is a certain type of people and it’s not the type who are mostly in jail for stealing.  I’m just saying.

    My question is why is this family being harassed for their Christmas decor?  Since when is the news media out harassing an innocent American family for what they are doing on their private property?  If the neighbors don’t like it, they can just take their complaining Obama Nanny state eyes and get out of the people’s business.

    Americans have the right to celebrate Christmas with whatever proper decorations they want.  Last week at school, my nephew’s teachers told him they could not celebrate Christmas decorations with pictures of the Virgin Mother giving birth to our nation’s Lord and Savior as a baby, Christ Jesus.

    She told him it was not ‘appropriate’, when again in the first amendment it is HIS RIGHT to spread God’s word to his classmates on Christmas.  You cannot spell Christmas without Christ, so why are people trying to destroy our Constitution this Christmas.

    That’s why.  Obama.  Obama is a Muslim Grinch and you can just look at his dark, dark crisped hands and figure he loves to steal, especially around Christmas.

    How much did Obama chuck, jive and chicken-watermelon dance with a big smile as he stole our tax money and sent his booga woman Michelle and pickaninny children on vacation on our dollar?

    Then Obama had the audacity to give only black farmers millions of dollars last week, as a kick-back for his people.  Then last Christmas, he gave Palestine $1 billion.

    Friends, the Muslimis are a hateful people.  They tried to murder us all on 9/11 and do not celebrate Christmas.  How can you claim to be the religion of peace, when you deny the birthday of the Prince of Peace?  How can you be the way, when you deny America’s most adored holiday of all time?

    Show of hands.  Who remembers when liberals only a few years ago, tried to remove Christ out of Christmas, making it Xmas?  We can allow people to kill our heavenly father and rip up our Constitution for the Muslims, the very people who killed us on 9/11, but someone cannot put up a historical Frosty the Snowman?

    This is why America is failing.  This year, let us stop focusing on hate and marginalizing good American families.  Let us focus on what Christmas is all about:  accepting each other, and not judging because of who are ancestors and friends may be.  This is the message of Christmas.  This, my friends and compatriots, is the message of Christmas joy and love.

    have always had jihad against our life and culture.  They love Obama because this is his least favorite time of the year.  Why is he sitting idly in Washington

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