• Changing Your Avatar for Facebook Cartoon Day, Don’t Feel You’re Helping Abused Children With This One Action

    December 5, 2010 7:40 am 12 comments
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  • It’s really great to see so many people have changed their avatars to cartoons to show unified support against child abuse.  However, how many of you only changed avatars and giggled with friends about your ability to find random 80s cartoon shots and did nothing else at all?

    Is this what society is really coming to, advocacy for entertainment?

    If you’ve changed your avatar to a cartoon and have did nothing else to help the cause of protecting abused children or children who have been in dangerous home environments, shame on you.

    If you really want to advocate for these children, do something useful.

    Don’t feel like you’re a part of a great cause by just changing your profile picture.

    At least take the time to research a stat on child abuse and share it with your friends.  That is called education and one of the best tools of spreading awareness and getting people interested to actually take a proactive action, instead of just following along and thinking their uploaded cute avatars will do something great.

    If you really want to help children, and not just be a person who joins a cause with idle actions, check out one of my favorite advocacy groups:


    National CASA helps advocate for children who were in abusive homes.  They may be in foster care or reintegrating with family.  They need advocates who can simply visit with them and report their wellness to a judge and social worker.  That person can be you.  There are so many ways you can ACTUALLY HELP these children.

    Even spreading the word about this group is doing something to help abused children.

    Don’t let your help go with just a change in profile pictures:  instead, take time to make a real change.  If you can only change a picture for children, it speaks volumes about your character.

    If you can actually take the steps, so simple, to enable others to know the statistics of child abuse and ways they can make an active difference, you’ve contributed more than you can really imagine.

    Please, advocate and be proactive in helping our nation’s children.

    -Pastor Jack Gould

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