• Does Fox Hate Rich, Black People?

    December 27, 2010 11:35 am 6 comments
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    Bishop T.J.

    Fox has robbed a black family of $800,000.  Why am I not surprised to find that the Australian Rupert Murdoch cheats black folk in even his game shows on his racist network?

    On new Fox game show, “Million Dollar Money Drop”, a couple lost $800,000 on a question, even though they gave the correct answer.  The contestants names:  Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayti.

    Fox asks them, “What was sold in stores first, the Macintosh computer, the Post-It Note or the Sony Walkman?”  The coupled answered “The Post-It Note”, which is correct.  However, they buzzed the couple as being wrong and told them to go back home.

    This is Jim Crow racism all over again!  Why is it that white folks think they can cheat blacks again and again? Why have I not been paid reparations for the work you whites on Fox forced my great-great grandfather to do and why is this couple not $800,000 richer?  Racism and the Lord was black.

    I hope those statements do ruffle your feathers, because I am sick and tired of you thinking you can run all over blacks like we’re road asphalt.  The show was barraged with callers and I had my congregation in the number.  We called and complained to let these yahoos know that Okoye gave the correct answer.

    The show issued an apology.  They said that Okoye was right.  Did they give him his money?  No!  Why?  Fox hates rich, black people.  Look at the news lineup and don’t try to pretend to Juan Williams counts, because Juan is a hispanic name!  Name me one black man on Fox who has a show like O’Reilly, and Alan Keyes is as black as Twinkie Cream so don’t even try it.

    This show has me angered, America.  I thought racism was supposed to be dead, yet this show is acting like their “the contestants who answered the correct answer on the $800,000 question can come back and try again, from scratch!” is a grand gesture.

    If a black man went to a bank, robbed it and then tried to get away, he’d be on the 5 o’clock, 5:10, 5:15 and every other interval, nationwide, plastered as a black robber and to shoot on site.  Yet, look at this.  A man named Okoye is robbed.  Maybe they thought he was related to Christian Okoye, the famed NFL star, and it irked them.

    Fox owes blacks so much and it starts most fresh with this robbed family.  Look again at them try to weasel out of it:  “As a result of new information we have received from 3M, we feel it is only fair to give our contestants, Gabe and Brittany, another shot to play “Million Dollar Money Drop” even though this question was not the deciding question in their game. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the viewers who brought this to our attention, and we’re thrilled to give Gabe and Brittany the opportunity to return to play the game.”

    Too bad Gabe’s last name is not Bartholomeus-Smith and Brittany’s not Rothschild because then maybe they would find some justice in the courts.  Instead, we see Fox is once again hosing down the rights of blacks.  Look at the footage and try to act it ain’t racist.


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