• Emma Watson Forces Man To Masterdingle At Harry Potter Premier

    December 2, 2010 8:36 am 8 comments
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    Look at the little vixen on the left; a witch. She is a witch and showed her devil powers by causing boys to sin in Harry Potter.

    As if it was not bad enough that this girl cut her hair like a boy to confuse boys with gay thoughts, we find she is now causing men to get in trouble with the law at movies.

    What a man does in his own privacy is his own business. With Obama’s TSA raping everyong at the airports, it’s no wonder that the following headline is even taking place.

    At approximately 1:10pm, the Bluffton [South Carolina] Police Department responded to Sea Turtle Cinemas, [responding to a 911 call about] an individual that was exposing himself in the movie theater.

    When officers arrived, they were directed by theater employees to a projection booth, which was playing a Harry Potter movie. From this location, they were able to look into the back row and observe a white male touching his exposed genitals. Officers then entered the theater and identified the suspect as Alexander Ofner, 39. Ofner was arrested for Indecent Exposure and transported to the Beaufort County Detention Center to await bond hearing.

    I already warned all you parents. Harry Potter is a dangerous devil’s movie. It is about a blood cult of children who do witchcraft orgies with one another and then try to convince your children that it’s okay to have a gay wizard named Dumbledore spend the night in secret.

    What we see here though is, a man who’s a victim. He probably took his children to see this movie and sat in the back row, so his kids could enjoy the movie without him hovering over them.

    While in the back row, maybe he was put under this demon girl’s spell. We already saw how she fell into hell in my 100 picture expose.

    So when he saw her revealed legs and breaths whispering in his ears, he became stiffened with sin. Just like the movie makers wanted to happen to all children in the theater, this man had an urge to masterdingle his wowwow board and then confused sin and shame.

    Only in Obama’s oppressed state of American could this happen. The authors at Film Drunk were right when they said this is what happens in Obama’s nanny state of America.

    A man who is the victim of a devilwhore is the one being charged with crime. JK Tolkein is roaming the streets free, when his movies have caused children to fall so deeply into sin.

    We see even a grown man cannot resist the urges from this devil. Keep your parents away from Harry Potter, parents.

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