• Emma Watson Shocks In Nasty Lime Green Brassiere

    December 17, 2010 3:27 pm 26 comments
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  • We all know the stats.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is appropriately named, because after watching it children are 93% more likely to worship Satan.  These facts are well known and Harry Potter is evil.

    Now if that’s not bad enough, there is a child actor name Emma Watson.  She is a devil’s in a sheep’s skin.  She tries to act innocent in the movies, but she is a spell-wielding seductress.

    We saw her corruption over the years and it brought tears to my eyes.  Then, we found she turned into a spell-induced lesbian as evidenced by her tommy boy Ellen Degeneres lesbian pride boy haircut.  Lesbians like short hair because it makes it easier for them to clamdabble without the natural locks flowing in front of their mouths.

    Now we see, however, Emma is back to trying to entice everyone in the evidence today.  She wears a shock green dress to grab the eye’s attention, then uses her devil power to make boys become uncomfortable with restrictive pubric sins.WARNING:  The following image contains a seductive photoshoot by series witch Emma Watson.  Demand your wife/children leave the room and then pray before reviewing these disgusting media samples.

    • 1. Outtakes from her Women’s Wear Daily Photoshoot

    Look at how Emma Watson positions the arms in this tempt bait.  She is arching her back like a cat in heat, so that eyes are forced to settle down on her lime green brassiere that contain her milkmeals.  Then, if you look further down you can see she has the yellow/black “Batman” symbol, further evidence of perversion in the child.  Then there is a veil over the legs, inviting boys to take a look underneath her witch’s hood.

    It is appropriate that yellow and black is the primary color she chooses, because the acidic heats of hell sting worse than a pack of African honey bees.

    • 2.

    Here, we see she has been instructed to use bedroom eyes and the come hither smile.  If you look on her right wrist, you will see a Wiccan spike band.  If you go to dangerous stores like Hot Topic, you will see spikes, swords and all sorts of other demon objects like dragons and comic book shirts.

    You will also see Harry Potter and even worse Justin Bieber clothing there, so you can rest assured that Hot Topic is the devil’s lair.

    • 3.

    I wish this were the 1600s, because I would round up a mob a batter down the walls to her castle.  We would brand her with a scarlet letter H for hookerwhore witch and then burn for CORRUPTING OUR CHILDREN!

    Mr. JKR Rowling would be tracked down and given the same treatment, but then following up dropped into an icy river to see if he floats.  If he would drown, we would know the world was at least safer because these harlots would lose their spell writer.

    If he floats, we’d know to like up the pyre and pray him straight into hell while the flames do the rest!

    • 4.

    Here she is casting a spell.  She  is using it to make it look like there is no panties covering the sally jessy jane and then again we see there are bedroom eyes.  Look to her left. A fire burns and Satan is already making his presence known in the room.  Notice she wears hooker nets on her feet.

    • 5.

    In this one, notice Emma combs his hair to look like a boy.  This is sending a subliminal message and working on Harry Potter’s double entendre, the gay agenda.

    A big plot line in Harry Potter was a love triangle between Harry, Emma and the gay wizard Dumbledore.  They all took turns fornicating with each other and then even abducted an old man named Voldemort and flooding him with backside sins.  This is just horrible and why you parents should pay close attention to this movie.

    Notice she is using the ‘poopy squat’ pose which sins gays crazy with excitement, like a cat with catnip gays love the back butt of any human, as long as there is a hole there and that’s why they will all burn and fall down hell’s bottomless pit.

    • 6.

    Again, we see her pulling up her leg so that boys will grow a third leg and then be shamed with sin.

    Since when did it become kosher to let children get lesbian haircuts and then be used as Hollywood witches to put the fecal spell of homosexuality on our nation’s children?

    The movie had a twinkling wizard named Dumbledore who potted Harry in every other scene, so what do you think this whore is up to, parents?  Wake up.

    • 7.

    Here, we see she fully exposes her green brassiere in full view and tries to play the innocent part.  But look deep into her eyes.  Go ahead, take a deep look here.

    You can see just like when you look into the face of a cat, a daemon stares back at you.  She is a gateway to hell and she wants boys to think about her ultimate hell’s door, located right around her midsection.

    • 8.

    Look at the angry face.  She looks like the autistic boy John Mayer in mid concert, with eyes rolling all around her head because she is possessed with demons.

    She is letting all comers on know with this pose that she will give them a rompus on the mat she’s laying on and let them kindle her fireplace with their Satan stokers.

    Hopefully everyone knows there is double meaning for this as well.  Satan always tempts you with the obvious symbolism, but lays back and chuckles with delight as you miss the deeper joke.

    The fire in the back obviously symbolizes hell but what everyone may miss is that Emma Watson is nothing but a starter log.  For a boy, she’ll cause his twiddle to ignite with sin and then from there a life of drugs, prostitution and then death.

    This is why we have the statistics of an increase of school violence every single time a new Potter film is released.  There were countless school shootings, stabbing and lunch fights last week alone and it’s because this new movie.

    For girls, it’s no better.  They may as well get perfumed sand grains tissue and wipe down below with it, because it will be a better sensation than what Satan has planned for their secret parts in hell!  Let your children know these facts and there are no police to save them from Satan’s deviances when they get in his van and then take the eternal trip to his home to burn forever.

    • 9.

    Again, we see the poopy squat pose that’s unto a ball of cat’s catnip for gays.  They will turn on their back, coo meow, gyrate on the surge protector and arch their back for days when they see any human do this.  Gays are just like cats in heat.

    So Emma is trying to get them all riled up so they will support the movie and make her more money. It’s an eternal scheme.

    Parents, forbid your children from Harry Potter.  Let them know the facts.  Emma Watson is hell bait and also attracts large number of gays who may get all riled up from seeing her, then take their fornicated frustrations out on their abducted backsides right after the movie.

    Warn them, parents!  Warn!  This is a devil whore so beware!  The stats are here and we’ve preached against this movie for years.  Do not let your child be the victim of anything to do with this Satanic reel.

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