• Gay Man Gives Miracle Birth To Son, On Christmas Day

    December 28, 2010 4:27 pm 16 comments
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    Shock grips the world as a gay man has given birth to a son, all on the second holiest day of the year (Christmas).

    Gays are perverts who think it is natural to have same-gender relationships. So it is no shock to find MTV reports that a wealthy gay named Elton John and his ‘husband’ David Furnish are the ‘proud parents’ of a child they conceived on Christmas day.

    Now many of you at home are wondering, how is this possible? How is MTV reporting that two gay men received the blessing of a child on Christmas day.

    Your questions are well warranted because gays cannot have children! It is not natural for a men to stick his life creator into the waste spout of another man, then expect to create a child. It is sick. It is vile. It is against nature and the way God made us to evolve from a point-forward basis.

    Of course gays cannot have children! Procreation works when a man puts the seed of life into a woman’s ovarian incubators, where over a 9-month period the wife grows your child.

    Then, the mother teaches nurture while the father provides. Look all across nature and you will see the theme play out again and again: it is because that’s how life is supposed to be. A man and woman join and when they mix their DNA coding, life is created.

    Gays cannot do this and cannot spread their genes, that is why they die out and that should be their fate! Yet, we see through British law these two gays were able to conceive a child and it is all sin!

    Just look at the frilly name they gave this poor kid: Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. What a life of misery it shall have being raised by a sequined duo of damnation.

    Instead of playing catch, will he be forced to dress up dolls and play twinkle-toes piano with dad-mommy? Who will help build the go cart during father-son weekend?

    We may as well name this child Lavoneekwa Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer and throw it in the gang neighborhoods of Harlem because there is just as good a chance as proper upbringing there with less identity confusion.

    What do gays feed a newborn? Neither one of them have mothering instincts and both of their bosoms do not produce milk like a woman’s supposed to?

    Who will sing lullabies and bedtime stories? A newborn child needs its mother: the child is used to being raised in a WOMAN’S womb and not that of Johny Boy and Stevie Wristylimp.

    I am so angry right now! Gays should not have the ability to adopt, for they cannot provide the love and stability of a proper normal husband and wife household.

    Just think of all the confusion this child will have to see daddy kissing daddy, and no dresses or mother’s comfort. Why does daddy smell like perfume. Why are you tackling daddy, daddy?

    All of these questions will confuse the child’s mind when the issues come up and it will just lead to more confused, gay choices down the road, which should be illegal. Children should not be subject to homosexual confusion and gays cannot have babies. That is the way life works.

    This is a sad story and let us pray that England strikes down whatever Sodom laws allow gays to adopt.

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