• Gay Snow Penis Controversy Grips Small Indiana Town

    December 29, 2010 2:19 pm 35 comments
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  • Male genital snow sculpture “disgusting”, sculpture violates state statute.

    Male genital snow sculpture “disgusting”: wlfi.com

    Two giant snow penis sculptures toss neighborhood into confused frenzy of chaos and frustration. Parents and children in the Indiana neighborhood are offended and terrified of not knowing hen the horror may strike again.

    “Vile”. “Repulsive”. “Disgusting”. These are the only words shocked and overwhelmed townspeople in Lafayette, Indiana, can muster after a band of homosexual terrorists have unleashed the unsightly horror of snow penises upon their town.

    It was just another December for residents on North 7th Street in Lafayette. The fresh snowfall that had fallen the past week made for a merry white Christmas and great, fun activity for schoolchildren on holiday break.

    While families were enjoying the annual snowy feature of nature, however, something dark loomed within North 7th street. A plan, so devious, it would cause one mother to faint in the snow and have to be rushed to the local hospital ER due to hypothermia. Another family has vowed to never let their children outside, before checking the street, on a snowy day, again.

    Two gays on the street, instead of sculpting snowmen or snow angels like normal people, sculpted two, giant snow penises with full genitalia features.

    Neighbors who went outside and were forced to witness the finished product were simply stunned. One could only yell, “disgusting, disgusting” between misshapen chunks of egg nog and dessert bread exiting their body in a forceful wretch of bitterness.

    Even children who live on the block were very frightened and offended. One child, Brire Gill, said, “Other kids are living on this block. It’s just really rude for other kids to have to see what they’ve (the gays) been doing.”

    Gill lived across the street from the penile monstrosity and will likely need counseling to clear his pure mind of this horror.

    What Gill and other kids in the neighborhood were forced to see on Wednesday morning ‘was upsetting’. Two snow sculptures in the shape of male genitals were on display, and now parents and children must be gripped by the fear of possibly being abducted or molested by the gays who designed the icy snow shrines to fecal iniquities and glutal terror.

    Taking charge of the situation, in a brave yet brash move, Gill made a stand against the perverted monstrosities. “I would say ‘Can you please stop doing this stuff?’ because there’s other kids around,” Gill said..

    According to News Channel 18, the supporters of the sculptures declined to comment but did receive ‘middle finger gesture’ from supporters of the rowdy group.

    Concerned mother and resident Ghina Robinson chimed in on the situation: “I think it’s disgusting. I have a two-year-old. Like, right now, he doesn’t even know what that is. It’s just not even… People shouldn’t do that. It’s very irresponsible,” said Ghina Robinson, who also lives across the street.”

    Now the mind of even a two year old is tarnished after having to endure visual snow penises, a fate which should never befall any child, but it did in Indiana.

    Robinson said she saw the makings of the sculptures on Tuesday night, but did not come to full realization of the horror of what was being created until Wednesday morning. Robinson is upset with how the police responded to the situation.

    “They showed up, laughed and drove off,” said Robinson.

    Under questioning, Police Sergeant Amos said his officer did not respond properly to the situation.

    “His concern was, he didn’t know if there was something legally he could do. So, we talked about it and I did some research. He understands there are more things he could do. He felt more empowered to do some more,” said Amos.

    As it should be known, snow penises are illegal.

    “If they had not been removed, this actually comes up to a misdemeanor. So actually, there is a state fine, there’s a state consequence, a charge. If you were to have that and they did not remove it, they possibly could be arrested for the ‘A’ misdemeanor,” said Amos.

    Fortunately, the sculptures had already been torn down and destroyed by anonymous sources.

    This time of year, it is important to remember that for every one gay, four children are abducted and terrorized. With so many children being out of school and playing while bundled up, unable to run as fast as when loose and free during warmer months, like never before gays are unleashing pent up frustration on subdued children.

    The story of this neighborhoods terrifying horror can happen anywhere, for snow penises can be quickly built by gays, who specialize in the minute features and details of such things.

    Gays desire for children to think long and hard about a penis, so when a gay flashes them their pasty sins it will not be as shocking. Children will be less likely to scream and and as every gay hopes, will happily play “Frosty the Snowman” with their exposed tallywhackers.

    It is the responsibility of each and every parent to protect children from such a fate. Be vigilant and do not allow homosexual ice sculptures to loom over your holiday by forcing you to grip onto the rugged and terse horror and fear such objects bring to your heart and mind.

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