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    December 3, 2010 11:04 pm 14 comments
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  • As the Christmas holiday draws near, we all know that it has become not only a day for those who believe in the birth of our nation’s Lord and Savior.  It has became an embattled front, where the secular world tries to whittle away the special day until from the sawdust, arises a monstrosity that only Satan himself could love and burn in the fires of hell.

    The most dangerous of the secular attacks on Christmas comes from the homosexual community.  With all the twinkling lights adorning every other house and phallic pine tree, festive holiday sweaters, children on winter break and jostling about in the cold snow, then all the ‘gay’ carols, homosexuals think this holiday is all about them.

    The gays have fought for years now to take the “Christ” out of Christmas.  They want to get drunk on egg not and then plow all the children running about with their heated snowball, shot straight from their Satanic loins.  It is no surprise that the rates of child snatching by gays goes up this time of year, so parents beware.

    This time of year, gays think most of all about their satan scepters and how they can best put it in warm places where it don’t belong.  You know what I’m talking about:  gays love sodomizing anything that has a back part, a warmed cocoa oven if you get my drift.

    So this time of year, we should not be surprised that gays spread gifts to each other.  We’ve seen in past years they’ve spread the “Toypedo” phallic toy for children and who could forget the wolverine blow-up sex doll, with the ‘twiddle rompus’ on it right where a man’s projection takes place.

    This year, the gays are being scientific and apparently releasing ‘heat maps’ to each other’s stockings. They have these graphs where they have somehow ranked the size of seed shooters in every US city, then labeled the top ten.

    So if your city is down on the list, beware!  There are going to be plenty of gays there on the holiday prowl.  Gays have a rule, called “Christmass” and notice the end spelling.  They give up their parts to each other on the day until they are exhausted, so will flock to random cities to do their orgies and if they can capture children and throw them in the mix, they like it better.

    Don’t try to say this is not true you Obama liberals because here are the crimes linked here!

    Crime 1, Crime 2, Crime 3.  It is endless. It is endless.

    Then, they take it a step further and kick it up a notch. They break down the cities by race! This is racist and gays are a sick people.
    They are trying to figure out what pallate of people

    We can see the most at risk here is the New Orleans community, especially in black neighborhoods. With that black gay facebook pastor, we all already know the blacks like to veil what they do behind closed doors. We all also saw what happened to Tyler Perry.

    So New Orleans blacks, beware because the gay agenda is coming to your town this winter and they are going to be putting extra foul chocolate in the mix of your city.

    All the other cities and races, beware too because gay enclaves are coming your way and they care not who they capture and back prod, because that’s all their hearts really desire.

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