• Grandmother Beats Attacker With Skillet, Knocks Him Unconscious

    December 17, 2010 9:24 pm 7 comments
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    Kevin Scott Funderburk, Granny Skillet Victim

    Kevin Scott Funderburk, 25, made his first appearance in Reno County Court after attacking and attempting to rape, assault an elderly Hutchinson woman who beat him senseless with a frying pan.

    Hutchinson, KS – Here is he is, America, rope ’em up. This is the sicko that allegedly tried to rape a 71-year-old Kansas grandmother, but got the surprise of his life when she took her size 9 cast-iron skillet and beat this despicable punk to a pulp of unconsciousness. Here’s the backstory.

    At 7 a.m. Saturday, a 25-year-old man sweet-talked his way into the elderly woman’s home, claiming he was homeless and had no place to go.

    Hutchinson Police Sergeant Moore says that soon after gaining entry, Funderburk went on the attack. Eerily showing an unprecedented lust for his would-be victim, Funderburk attacked the woman, who fought back and “beat him down with a frying pan”, according to the report filed by Moore.

    By the time police arrive, Funderburk lay in an unconscious pile of mushed depravity, on the floor.

    Kevin Scott Funderburk remains jailed on over $55,000 bond on counts of attempted rape, criminal restraint, aggravated battery and damage to property.

    Funderburk was wearing the neck brace in court, as pictured above, on Friday.

    Police reports indicate the elderly grandmother was injured and would not reveal the extent and nature of her injuries. Moore states the suspect ‘held her down and was attempting a sexual assault.’

    “She was fighting for her life,” Moore stated.

    The Hutchinson News reports that the woman was injured but Moore did not release how serious her injuries were. He said the suspect held her down and was attempting a sexual assault.

    “She was fighting for her life,” Moore said.

    Like a weasel, Funderburk is apparently using the “I was drunk at the time of the incident” defense, which is punishable by an all expense paid trip to see Buckin’ Bubba down in County General.

    An offended Moore stated:

    “When we arrived, he (Funderburk) was unconscious and laying in his own vomit in th back of the house.” Moore continued, “He was in the hospital over the weekend where they stapled his scalp.”

    Yes, grandmother busted this guy’s scalp open with a skillet.

    It should come as no surprise that Funderburk faces some major charges and is a wanted criminal in other states as well.

    Moore told police he was homeless and staying with various people in Hutchinson. He also has a warrant seeking extradition to California, but Moore did not know the nature of the charge.

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