• Is Justin Bieber A Pimp? (Fondling Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Jasmine Villegas and Kim Kardashian)

    December 12, 2010 3:39 pm 9 comments
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  • Justin Bieber’s YouTube era innocence is betrayed, the modern ‘suburban-gangster’ throws a gang sign and leads the new genre in a market designed to spread urban influence into the homes of suburban America. Bieber wears his new trademark of all black leather with a blue circular lapel, the features of notorious street gang the Los Angeles Crisps.

    Is Justin Bieber a pimp? This question must be asked as after last week, the young child was caught roughly handling and fondling several high-profile female celebrities. How much power does Bieber truly have in his new rough-and-tumble Hollywood circle?

    For those not in the know, a ‘pimp’ is an urban male who adorns himself in off-putting gang member’s clothing with frilly flair, then proceeds to employ the services of females he ‘controls’ in an illegal sexualized market.

    In modern rap culture, this term has deviated to mean a man who subdues multiple women at once, his arrogance his only justification for not being loyal to just one.

    Justin Bieber poses with Ludicrous, a dangerous leader of the all-black wearing LA Crisps gang movment.

    It is no secret that Bieber has been employed by notorious gang member Ludicrous and the industrious street gang, the Los Angeles Crisps.

    The Corruption and True Agenda of Bieber

    Concerns over Justin Bieber’s initial squeaky clean image, betrayed by signs of urban decadence, surfaced when the child was caught with red eyes at a recent music awards show.

    It is now thought these red eyes were the result of street drug, crack cocaine (black ice).

    Only moments after this revealing expose surfaced, Bieber was caught placing dark glasses over his face and doing gang poses.

    The cat was out of the bag.  The child was embracing the lifestyle of a gang member, taking posed pictures with gang members and living the morally-bereft lifestyle of a gang member.  Parents were not aware,but they had literally driven to the bad part of town and invited the first black thug with droopy pants they found into the bed of their daughters by buying Justin Bieber’s cd.

    He was now in the hearts, mind and obsession of most young girls in America.

    Photographic Evidence:  The Rise of Bieber Pimping Young Women

    Most rap videos, a conservative estimate being at least 80%, are about sexually exploiting young women.  Rappers love to use the back parts of young girls for their sexual deviances and then simultaneously do drugs at the moments of highest ecstasy, fully fulfilling their innate lust for the things normal parents fear worst, drug orgies with pure, innocent suburban girls of Caucasian or even Asian descent.

    Bieber was first caught exploiting his first girl only weeks ago, when our paparazzi affiliates caught his head suspiciously bobbing with a female, in the back of his limo.

    While many of Bieber’s defenders tried to play this photographic evidence off, saying Bieber is simply a hipster drifter and having fun with his friends, there is no disputing the images we’ve obtained of Bieber all within the last week.  These images are revealing and show how his mind and heart is set in ‘pimp mode’, a sad condition placed on this child by the rough crowd with whom he now ‘runs’.

    Image Evidence A:

    Here we see Justin Bieber has put on a faux-fur/felt color and is feeling up Disney songstress and entertainer, Selena Gomez. Look at how he has shimmied up the slit of Gomez and is pulling her closer to him, perhaps whispering “Make like Speedy Gonzalez and quickly make daddy some cheese, Gomez” or some other equally scary and disrespectful words.

    All mice know they will get snapped up in a trap or played with by a cat, the part Bieber and his gang friends are all too familiar with playing. If you look deep into the countenance of Gomez, you can see she is scared and denying this thought that she belongs to Bieber.

    Image Evidence B

    All black rappers are most intrigued by what they can have least: this is why our innocent, normal daughters are their highest prize. They want to find any and every way to exploit our girls pure white innocence with thrusts of darkness that go so deep even into their mind and soul.

    Here we see Bieber exploits a non-true Mexican by the name of Jasmine Villegas, who he has apparently made to have plastic surgery so she can look more like the 18-year-old child Miley Cyrus. Cyrus would be a great prize for Bieber’s street credibility in his gang circle,but he has opted to just make another one of his women be fondled in his arms.

    Image Evidence C

    Look to where Bieber has his eyes pierced: right on the milk chests of the infamous Kim Kardashian. Kardashian is of the “Hilton Class” celebrity, that is, known to the media for how she exposes her body and seems to have no other true talent.

    Rappers really enjoy these type of women, as they are usually sin-filled in the glutal and chest regions, sparking temptation. In any rap video one may review, you will see these type of women gyrating around.

    Bieber shows his tough ‘Don Hand” by attempting to subdue this much older women and making the confident, “Ooohhhh” face as he loudly shows his approval of the way she is wearing a tight dress, in front of him. Some reports say the two were seen walking together in the same direction, inside an indescribable, secret location after this photo.

    Image Evidence D

    Russell Brand is wild and savage, and this fact does not deter Bieber from exploiting singer/self-exposer Katy Perry only weeks after her sham Indian wedding.

    Here Bieber is again in black attire, going in for a sloppy kiss on his new conquest.  Katy Perry nervously smiles, as her exposed body has backfired on her and caught the eye of an aggressive child with gang affiliation.

    By looking at Katy Perry’s right hand in this image, you can see she is dominated and she tenderly caresses the nape of Bieber’s neck in this image and her heart races with fear, yet lust.

    Parents, there is no denying the facts.  In all of his rap videos now, Justin Bieber is hanging out with rough crowds and has women gyrating all around.  Even in public, he aggressively handles even married women and claims them as his own.

    The people he was caught dominating in these images are experienced Hollywood celebrities; what chance do your daughters have against this deceptive, gyrating bastion of brunette damnation.

    This child has overcome everyone, from the innocent three-year-old child to the illustrious, refined and seasoned news woman, Barbara Walters. Bieber convinced Barbara Walters to arch her back and pucker out her backside toward him, while wearing a skirt, in the ‘Dougie Dance’. What will her call for your daughters to do under their covers in darkness, or to thugs that may transfer to their schools?

    Justin Bieber is jubilant. He is on track to become a billionaire and all at the cost of the innocence of our daughters nationwide. Parents, be vigilant and demand no signs of Bieber in your home.

    Do not let this child leap for joy, all at the expense of your daughter. While he and his friends do drugs from cd and concert money, sniffing up the corruption they have placed in your daughters, all your child will be left with is a life of death and damnation, ending in a lifetime of being burned in the most buried corners of Hell.

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