• Justin Bieber Seduces Barbara Walters with “Backside Dougie” Dance

    December 12, 2010 10:22 am 1 comment
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  • Justin Bieber is a former innocent child who has been corrupted by the black rapper Ludicrous, pictured at left. Bieber is what they call a ‘bridge player’ in the music industry, because he bridges the gap of trust to suburban homes.

    Parents see this child’s effeminate bangs and mezzo-forte prepubescent voice, and think his correctly enunciated words are the work of a proper music artist.

    This is not the case, as we’ve found Justin Bieber is not only a member of the notorious Los Angeles Crisps street gang, but is also making a habit of exploiting young girls from behind, after his concerts, like most rappers brag about.

    The latest victim of the backside-crazed Bieber, however, is a seasoned reporter named Barbara Walters. Many of you may recognize Barbara, or “Babs”, from the CBC news show 20/20.

    Barbara Walters interviewed Justin Bieber about his new album, (Satan Will) Never Let You Go.  As Walters asked Bieber about the questionable title, the child’s eyes darted and he asked Barbara “Can a give you a backside dougie?”

    This is black slang for “anal fornication”.  They are calling it the “Dougie” or as it would sound as they pronunciate it, “duggie”.  They want to dug down deep in the fecal trenches, just like a gay.  All are sinners and will burn to an even darker crisp in hell.

    Sadly, Barbara Walters is old and could not resist the temptation of letting a black trainee dougie her with a sinful dance, that only ends with drug needles, a musty room and a life of prostitution.  Luckily for Babs, she has handlers that carried her away after this dance.WARNING:  Justin Bieber is being used as a part of a rap agenda to enter the bedroom of our suburban daughters.  Demand any wife/children leave the room before reviewing.


    Look at how the legs awkwardly bend, much like a giraffe or gazelle on the banks of the Nile River. It is fitting because just like a mighty salt water Croc, Satan waits to snap his jaws around those who ebb to close to his hellish shores.

    Bieber is tempting Walters here with a sexualized dance, then even at the end serenades her with demonic cadences and strummed strings that resonate an eerie minor seventh harmonic.

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