• Miley Cyrus Reveals Herself With No Clothing

    December 3, 2010 6:08 pm 9 comments
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    It is a dark day. A cold dark day.

    For years, I advocated for the child Miley Cyrus. I created petitions for her to stop being a Disney whore. Thousands of you signed and I want to thank you.

    I petitioned to have her removed from her parent’s custody, and was met with nasty letters saying I did not have a right or reason, despite my petitions showing Miley was in danger of rotting in hell as singe meat.

    Deep in my spirit, though, I always knew this day would come. I always knew that Disney would turn her into a devilwhore, like Olivia Munn and Britnay Spears. I knew it was inevitable, because Hollywood is a pagan city with no soul.

    It breaks my heart to have to do this story today, but as a journalist it is a duty to report the news to America. Hopefully for you fathers out there, this will show you why you must protect your daughters from transfer minorities, dangerous music and movies, hussy clothing and all the other things that make them go bad.

    I’m just going to cut to the chase. I’m tired from weeping and whiping my eyes with Kleenex.WARNING: The following image media reveals Miley Cyrus exposing herself nude without clothing. Immediately demand your wife/children leave the room before reviewing and wipe your eyes dry from sorrow of the corruption present in this young women.

    Here we see the seductress robe and the ‘duck lips’ pose. If you look at your daughter’s Myspace or Facebook account, you may see pictures of her and her friends doing this pose.

    They stick their heads at a weird angle and then stick their lips out, as if they are a duck. This pose usually means they are doing something naughty and probably exercising lips to perform sins on a man’s devilrod.

    Most girls who do this pose are already whores so you have your work cut out if your daughter is doing this one. I feel so sorry for this child. How many times did Mickey force her to give him squeaks of delight?

    Then, the coup de grace. I celebrity gossip site found pictures Miley Cyrus twattered to her boyfriend and the pictures were stored on her phone’s Twitters cache, then they extracted these pictures bmp and then posted them on their internet where everyone can came see for a price and that is a whore.

    Here is the evidence page and I came across the uncensored version and it caused me to throw up my oat bran and cry. How can a father allow this to happen to his daughter.

    There is an autistic singer named John Mayer. He is inspirational because even though his eyes roll all around in his head due to his disorder, he still somehow connects to each and every person as he sings from the heart.

    Father be good to your daughters, for your daughters will turn into mothers and who wants a whore mom?

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