• Mr. Chi City Christmas Giveaway, A Lesson On Urban Christmas

    December 20, 2010 9:15 am 5 comments
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  • This time of year, my greatest concern is that a prowler will come into my home and steal all the gifts my husband and I have nestled under our family’s tree.

    Just a few nights ago, as I drove home from the store at night, there were two lurking blacks not even 900 feet from my home. They had on big coats, dark hood hats and boots, so looked very scary and suspicious.

    Terrified, I did not pull into the driveway but instead made several more laps around the block. On each pass, they seemed more interested in casing each home in our neighborhood, looking at the lights and sprawling yards covered with fresh snow.

    On the third pass, it seemed as if they had naturally slipped into the cover of night. My Jeep’s light did not illuminate their scary bodies or even silhouettes; hopefully, they were gone.

    Once inside the safety of home, I reported the two suspects to the police who promised they would quickly come out and take a look through our neighborhood. I called my husband, who was still out doing some shopping with the kids.

    To calm my nerves I hopped on the computer and found my way to YouTube.com. I decided to look up Christmas videos to distract myself from the scary run-in. Eventually, however, I came face-to-face with something even scarier: a reality check.

    When I think of dangerous prowlers, in my mind I always think of big black men in big coats. Seeing such near my home sent me into a panic, one that was prejudged. Was I being prejudice by instinctively fearing the two out-of-place blacks near my home?

    What put this thought in my mind is a man who is named “Mr. Chi City”. He uploaded some videos to YouTube.com, where he gives away cash-stuffed Christmas cards to poor people in Chicago.

    For the last two years, he has spread Christmas cheer to street walking prostitutes, homeless and others. It is actually very warming and inspirational. This look into the inner-city shows that Christmas is not just for suburban families, but also urban ones as well.

    Mr. Chi City Christmas Giveaway 2008

    Mr. Chi City Christmas Giveaway 2009

    These videos show how we can spread Christmas joy and love to everyone.

    Speaking of the scary event to my husband when he arrived home, he reminded me that the two men were out of place and I should always be cautious and assume the worst. These two gave me a bad feeling in my gut and there was likely good cause for it.

    That said, it still does not mean in the right situations, that even someone who may look like a terrifying prowler at night can do good in the right situation and a proper distance. These videos are inspirational and how nice to think that even the street walkers had a merrier Christmas due to who in the right situation, I fear the most.

    All in all, the reality check I had is that we can get Christmas joy from people of all walks of life.

    The reality check that hit me is that even though I am very scared of urban people and their neighborhoods, as you should be too because they are terrible places with gangs, drugs, weapons, body attacks and no police, by modern technology like YouTube, we can have a window into their lives.

    We can now witness a few heart-warming moments that occur in these people’s lives, the bits of diamonds that hold steadfast in the torrents of bad and scary things we hear about these criminally prone people we see on the news.

    So yes, we can see this people do good. We can do it from the safety of our own homes. We just have to look in the right places, like Youtube.

    This holiday, be blessed friends and be safe and alert. Merry Christmas. :)

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