• New Atheist Bus Ads Compare Jesus To Bigfoot

    December 6, 2010 11:03 pm 12 comments
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  • As reported by journalists worldwide, there is an alarmingly increased trend of hostility toward Christians. Christian people are having their ways of life threatened politically, emotionally and spiritually.

    The assault against morality is not coming at the hands of where many may expect: China, the Arabias or even remnants of Stalin’s gulag supporting Russians under the command of Vladmir Putin.

    Instead, there is a new threat to religion. A group so dangerous because they hide behind philosophy, when in actuality they move with the primacy of a belligerent religious cult. We’re talking about atheists.

    Pastor Jack Gould has done several journals and book series on how atheists are leading an offensive assault against Christian holidays, including Easter. Our colleague Derek Van Buren followed this up after a subsequent organized attempt to offend Christians, on Easter, was spearheaded by Richard Dawkins at PT Meyers on the last sacred holiday to billions, worldwide.

    A militant Canadian atheist group, however, has now taken this up a notch and emailed the Holymailbox to inform us of their organized assault against decency.

    The atheist group, named the Centre for Inquiry, is lead by Justin Trottier. Trottier reports that last year, the group carried out a similar campaign and is now trying to demean Christians who live in the Vancouver area with hateful messages adorning the side of the city’s bus transit.

    The atheist group plans to place the poster, seen in the image above, on every single bus in Vancouver. As you can see, the poster reads “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence” with “Allah, Bigfoot, UFOs, Homeopathy, Zeus, Psychics, Christ”.

    What is the point of this insult?

    Each and every day, atheists grow more militant and fervent in their crusade to offend decent Christians, worldwide.

    These offenses go beyond personal attacks, however, as we find numerous examples of these Godless wonders attempting to subvert every person’s freedom of religion, as mandated in our Constitution.

    Only several years ago, atheists formed a beachead and attempted to remove Christ for Christmas. Despite a media backlash causing a decent public’s chastisement in disenfranchising our Lord and Savior from a day to celebrate his birth, there are retailers nationwide who refuse to associate this holiday with Christ, despite the fact that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

    Atheists try to hide their agenda to destroy all religion, not only Christianity, behind quasi-philosophical messages, the technique no doubt the brainchild of deceptive ‘Professors’ such as Richard Dawkins and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

    True to militant form, the atheist website extraordinary-claim.com has masked their agenda behind idle words: “‘Why is belief in Bigfoot dismissed as delusional while belief in Allah and Christ is respected and revered? All of these claims are equally extraordinary and demand critical examination,'”

    The hateful group plans to expand the campaign to Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Saskatoon and Montreal.

    And as if there militant hatemongering were not enough, why would these atheists put so many at risk by insulting Allah, the god of the Islamic creed, in their attempt to turn people to their concrete-minded musings.

    In a time when we know a simple picture of Muhammed can start an endless ‘justification’ of terror acts, why would the atheists put at risk all of our lives just to spread their hate?

    It is poison. The bus ad campaign and the atheist agenda to completely remove expression of religion from society. Atheism, in itself, has become an organized religion with an agenda.

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