• Obama Forces U.S. Military to Accept Gays

    December 25, 2010 1:33 pm 50 comments
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  • Americans have been served another bitter pill by the Obama administration just in time for Christmas. The repeal of the Pentagon’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will open the floodgates to homosexuals seeking carnal pleasures and it will compromise the U.S. role as the world’s beacon of morality.

    Led by the filthy hand of Beelzebub the Democrats have rammed another pro-homosexual legislation down our throats in a nick of time before the congress reverts back to the divinely ordained Republican leadership.

    But Christmas is also a time of personal reflection. When I kneel down in prayer I feel that nowhere does the new pro-gay policy hit harder then in my own home.

    My son Jim has recently enlisted to defend his country. He will serve in the U.S. Navy alongside other fine American sons. This young man who has the resolve to stand up to our darkest Muslim enemies lacks courage to bring up the subject of gay sailors with his father. I can it see in his eyes that he is deeply troubled by the idea of homos in uniform. I can tell that he’d rather face ten mujahideen alone in a hand-to-hand combat then have one gay brother in arms watch his back.

    My son, center wearing a white hat, and his school friends celebrating in front of a U.S. Recruitment Office

    Are Jim’s fears unfounded? Not at all according to Gen. James F. Amos, the commandant of the Marine Corps who warns us that gay servicemen will cost Marines’ lives at a time of war. Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council calls the decision to repeal the law as “a tragic day for America.”

    Perhaps no one knows better than Senator John McCain what it means to allow gays into the armed forces. Senator McCain is a true hero who was able to endure years of barbaric torture at the hands of the Korean communists. Yet he acknowledges that he would have cracked open if one of his fellow prisoners at “Hanoi Hilton” had been gay.

    Senator McCain tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a compromise with the White House in which gay men could enlist but would only receive non-combat assignments. It takes no more than common sense to understand that homos are effeminate and lack the ability to fight like men. Food preparation is one rare skill in which gays top straight men. The conservative Republican leaders have suggested the gay servicemen must be limited to positions within military logistics. Under this deal all gay soldiers would have their own strictly supervised units, each with a chaplain and a straight commander who is married.

    Sadly, in an act of defiant partisanship, the Obama administration flatly rejected this reasonable compromise and went on to lay groundwork supporting military marital benefits for homosexual partners.

    What changes we may soon see on the battlefield? According to a new poll conducted by Focus on the Family, not only the combat readiness will suffer for obvious reasons, but our enemies may also refuse to fight us because homosexuals are considered to be women and not worthy of war in the Muslim religion.

    You’re dead wrong if you think that this will make the job for U.S. soldiers easier. Every straight serviceman will have to watch his behind from being jumped in the showers or in the bunk room. Every soldier taking cover in a foxhole will have to fear for his life not only from the enemy bullet, but also from the soul crushing “friendly fire” bullet in each gay soldiers’ pants.

    I don’t wish this upon anyone, especially the brave young men who give an oath to defend this country under God, my son Jim among them.

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